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Xerocon and client apps: making the most of Brisbane

Posted 12 months ago in Apps by Elliot Spirrett
Posted by Elliot Spirrett

If you’re a trusted advisor heading to Xerocon Brisbane, you’ll have an opportunity to explore some of the best small-business tech on the market. Your clients look to you as a source of advice, and for good reason: you interact with multiple businesses every month, seeing where they succeed and fail. And one area where clients truly want help is with apps.

Because there are so many apps, speakers, events, and networking opportunities available in just a few short days, you need to come to Xerocon prepared. Consider your clients’ needs, the industries you serve, and apps you’re familiar with. Xero HQ Explorer is a great place to get an overview of your clients and the apps they’re already using. 

For clients on the clock

For those with  lots of trade- and project-based clients, it can be difficult getting hold of their invoices. Or, if you have clients running jobs and projects managing costs and income against those jobs, check out the Invoicing & Jobs apps. The folks at ServiceM8, WorkGuru, and SimPRO can show you how their platforms will save you and your clients time, as well as keep their jobs on schedule and on budget.

For clients taking stock

Anyone who’s managed stock for a business knows it can be fraught with difficulty. Purchase-order management, fulfilment, online sales, shipping, storage, spoilage and a dozen other factors are everyday challenges for many of your clients. Thankfully, our inventory partners will be out in force with crowd favourites DEAR Systems and Unleashed returning to Xerocon. Long-time partner Tradegecko is attending for the first time, and food wholesale specialist Quick B2B is new to our app ecosystem and will be exhibiting in Startup Alley.

For clients seeking app expertise

We have a great showing this year from our cloud Integrators, who are experts in getting your clients up and running with cloud technology. Cloudsolve are wholesale and inventory specialists; New Zealand’s Tradeworx will be on hand to chat about tech for those on the tools; Waypoint can not only help your clients, but also take a look at moving your own practice to the next level. Finally, CloudIntegration.Partners are fresh off their recent education-camp tour and will be talking advisory, retail and tradies!

For clients with staff

The impact of Single Touch Payroll, among other legislation, can’t be overlooked. Employment law has never seen such media attention. It’s a complex area and a lot for any person to master. But you’ll be pleased to hear, help is available.

If you’re looking for the best in rostering, awards, time and attendance, you can’t go wrong with two of our top partners in the space Tanda and Deputy. Concerned about legal requirements, or considering making HR a part of your professional offering? Partners Enable HR and HR Central are backed by teams of experts who know the space. And if you’re looking to bring larger clients over to Xero, or are just after a more comprehensive or specialist payroll solution, CloudPayroll can help while ensuring you and your clients are compliant.

And if that weren’t enough

Our Startup Alley will be bigger than ever, playing host to more than 15 of the newest, most innovative solutions in the Xero Ecosystem. They range from e-commerce and reporting to accounting practice tools and payments. There’s bound to be something to interest you.

See you on the expo floor!

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