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Practice apps & Xerocon: how to make the most of your time

Posted 12 months ago in Xero news by Patrick Frigo
Posted by Patrick Frigo

There’s no better time than Xerocon to explore the power of the Xero app ecosystem. But with more than 75 apps exhibitors and only a few days to visit them, it’s vital to have a clear idea of the problems you’re looking to solve.

If you’re coming to Xerocon to learn about apps that can supercharge your accounting or bookkeeping practice, then this is the guide for you.

Before the educational sessions and festivities begin, take a moment to think about how your practice is performing and how you’d like it to improve. Even if you already operate a fully digital business, it pays to stay abreast of the latest accounting-tech innovations. 

When I talk with practices looking to optimise their workflows, here are five common requests they make. You might consider them when deciding how to prioritise your app visits at Xerocon.

“I want to increase my free time by automating data entry and other administrative tasks”

When it comes to automating data entry and receiving timely and accurate information from clients, Hubdoc and Receipt Bank are two of the most popular apps. 

But Lightyear and EzzyBills also have multiple five-star reviews and many fans. Luca is the new kid on the block, having only recently joined the Xero App Marketplace.

AccountKit is a must-visit at Xerocon. It offers an incredible array of tools that automate and streamline many of your day-to-day administrative, compliance and consulting tasks by reducing the number of clicks.

Practice Ignition is a common denominator among high-performing Xero partners. They eliminate the mundane admin that comes with preparing engagement letters and collecting payment. 

“I want to offer my clients insightful analysis, management reporting and forecasting”

Spotlight Reporting, Fathom and Futrli are three of the most popular and established solutions. 

On the other hand,, Clarity HQ and XBert are new to the Xero ecosystem and are fast gaining fans. Each offers unique solutions.

Figured is a must-visit if you have farming clients. Float, Zoho Analytics and Business Sorter round out the reporting and forecasting apps.

“I’m looking for document-management solutions that connect to Xero”

Be sure to visit SuiteFiles, FYI and Nimbus Portals to see which is the best fit for your practice. All three integrate with Xero Practice Manager and have many happy customers.

“I’m after corporate compliance, SMSFs & Workpapers apps”

For corporate compliance, visit NowInfinity and BGL’s CAS 360

You can also visit BGL for their SMSF app, Simple Fund 360. Class and SuperConcepts are the other SMSF options.

 If you’ve decided that Xero Workpapers isn’t the right fit for your practice, visit the team at MyWorkpapers.

“I want to know what else is out there to help my practice.”

ChangeGPS is toolbox of resources and web apps with content designed to make your accounting business more money and your life easier.

Wolters Kluwer have three great products that integrate with Xero Tax: CCH iFirm, CCH iQ and CCH iKnow.

Xeppo is a data integration tool that gives you a single view of your clients across multiple instances of Xero products and other core systems.

Everperform connects to XPM and tracks performance metrics that are important to you, on a cycle, allowing leaders to have meaningful conversations with their people that maximise performance.

I hope this list will help with your Xerocon planning. And remember to consult with your Xero Account Manager, who can also suggest apps suitable for your practice.

Some of the above apps will feature in my presentation “‘Embracing the app ecosystem: Unlocking profit and boosting your business” on Thursday 5 September at 11:15am-12pm. I’ll be talking about ways to monetise advisory and sharing some insights from Xero Partners who have done so.

See you at Xerocon!

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