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Ask the advisors: How to get your Xerocon ROI

Posted 6 months ago in Advisors by Amanda Newton
Posted by Amanda Newton

When it comes to determining the potential for ROI, few are savvier than those in the business of accounting and bookkeeping. And, when it comes to Xerocon Brisbane, the opportunities promise to be nothing short of priceless – complete with 15 high-energy hours of content to soak up, more than 75 app partners on board, and over 3,000 people to network and connect with. 

But don’t just take our word for it. We sat down with some of our Xero partners – hailing from everywhere from Auckland to Sydney and up to sunny Far North Queensland – to discover how they’ve mastered the art of securing their Xerocon ROI.

1. Embrace the opportunity to invest in yourself, your team, and your business

When was the last time you truly invested in yourself? A repeat attendee who continues to make the journey from across the ocean, New Zealand’s Wyndi Tagi of WE Team explains, “Xerocon isn’t just about investing in ourselves, it’s also about investing in our team. It’s our way of showing that we care about them and their personal growth and aspirations.” 

Ahead of what will be her eighth Xerocon, Nicole Lynch of Sydney’s Streamline Management Australia agrees, “Coming right after the stress of EOFY, it’s the perfect way to reward the team for their hard work. And for me to have a hard-earned mum-cation!”

2. Discover what the future of accounting and bookkeeping looks like

The future is here. And you’ll find it at Xerocon. Seb Vecchio from Queensland’s SPV Accounting says, “We went along to our first Xerocon last year and discovered what’s happening in the industry now, and what’s going to happen in the future. It was a great incentive to take stock of where we were at, and where we hope to be. Basically, it was a complete game changer.”

Wyndi adds, “Every time we go to Xerocon, our team leaves feeling inspired about the future of the industry and the possibilities ahead. It’s the ultimate morale booster.” It also presents the ultimate commercial advantage, she says, “By learning about what’s new, we can keep ahead of the game and find solutions to better help our clients.

3. Find a fresh way of thinking and a whole new way of doing things

When asked why they keep on coming back to Xerocon, our partners were unanimous in their answer: “The energy.” Nicole welcomes the chance to refresh her mindset, “Before switching to Xero, we used another product for 18 years. So safe to say, we were in need of a new perspective! Every year, Xerocon provides exactly that. From app partners to keynote speakers, the learnings I’ve taken away have allowed me to master a whole new system. And it’s completely revolutionised the way we do business.”

4. Boost your knowledge and kickstart your career

Bringing hands-on Xero and app experts together under one roof, Xerocon is the perfect place to gain insight into new and innovative ways to run and grow your practice. Seb explains, “I went along to last year’s Xero Practice Manager session and found out exactly what I needed to be doing to optimise my business. Funnily enough, it was pretty much everything I wasn’t doing at the time – but that’s all changed now.”

And Wyndi has found that her entire team benefits from the career-boosting insights. She says, “Xerocon increases staff knowledge and engagement, and putting time and effort into upskilling our team shows our clients that we care about them.” Nicole agrees, “Having the opportunity to look up from their day-to-day tasks and immerse themselves in all of the opportunities out there is really powerful.” 

5. Learn from the people who are setting the pace of the industry (and beyond)

At this year’s Xerocon, attendees will hear from trail-blazing industry leaders and insightful world-class speakers – including an award-winning journalist, a leading technologist, and a clinical hypnotherapist to name just a few. 

Graham Burfield of Adelaide’s Burfield & Associates says, “As well the opportunity to learn about new platforms and systems, we keep coming back for the speakers. Over the years I’ve heard from everyone from monks to disaster survivors and financiers. Their inspirational stories have the power to give you a whole new perspective on life, while the product presentations work to help you to do your job that little bit better. ”

6. Take the time to learn from (and grow with) your peers 

There are thousands of people to meet at Xerocon, and you just might find someone who will change your career. Readying himself for his fifth consecutive event, Graham says, “There’s an inherent value in mixing with your fellow accountants and bookkeepers – finding out what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, and discovering what you can learn from them in the process.” Similarly Nicole says, “All the movers and shakers of the industry are there – and they’re the ones you want to swap notes with!”

Graham adds, “Usually, most of the networking I do is within my own state, so Xerocon is a great opportunity to get out there and meet people from different places, whether that’s across the border or as far flown as Hong Kong or New Zealand.” 

As far as Seb is concerned, some investments really do prove to be priceless. He credits his Xerocon attendance with ”saving my business.”

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