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Announcing Sign in with Xero

Posted 4 years ago in Advisors by Nick Houldsworth

At Xerocon Brisbane I was proud to announce a brand new feature on Xero’s app marketplace. Sign in with Xero is one of our latest major releases as we work to remove friction and drive the adoption of cloud-based business solutions. 

Login credentials are a massive pain point for companies building integrations to platforms. Sign in with Xero removes that barrier to use by providing a seamless flow from awareness to acquisition for our app partners, and a smoother experience for SMBs and advisors.

You may have seen this available with other platforms like Google or Facebook, and soon you’ll see it from Apple. We believe sign in with Xero will make it seamless for our customers to sign up for certified apps from Xero’s app marketplace. 

Getting the most out of a platform means building secure and seamless access to allow for brilliant customer experiences and even more innovation. Seven of our leading partners have already built this into their integration – A2X, ApprovalMax, Float, Practice Ignition, ServiceM8, SuiteFiles and Waddle.

Using Sign in with Xero, users are able to collaborate all of this through one single login. It’s secure, removes friction and eliminates the onboarding steps to acquisition. It allows our app partners to demonstrate the end-to-end on-boarding process at the point of sign up, and makes it easier than ever for customers to connect their Xero to apps. 

The magic of the Xero small business platform really comes to life when our entire ecosystem sings, from financial services to the third-party apps businesses use every day to grow their business. Sign in with Xero will make it easier for developers to create seamless experiences for their customers, and for advisors to help clients find the right apps to suit their needs. With trillions of dollars transacted on the Xero platform every year, every step forward is a step to fuel the global small business economy.

Over the coming months you’ll see many more apps with this beautiful button, as we work with our app partners to help make small business owner’s lives better.

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