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Launching South Africa’s Xero App Integrator Directory

Posted 5 months ago in Advisors by Colin Timmis
Posted by Colin Timmis

Around the world, there are over 700 apps in Xero’s App Marketplace. 

In the past few months alone, we’ve added more than 21 South African apps. These include Yoco, Payfast, SME Snapshot, Syft, Aurik, Simple Pay, Payspace and Tall Order.

We know that finding the right apps for you or your client’s business can be an arduous task. So to lift the load, we’ve launched a new South African Xero App Integrator Directory

The directory has now gone live in South Africa – with six partners – Realm Digital, Radical Cloud Solutions, Nimacc, Integrate, Iridium Business Solutions and Creative CFO. These are all organisations with a proven track record of successfully integrating marketplace apps into Xero businesses. 

How you can benefit

We know that when small businesses are connected up to more than one app to manage their finances, they are more likely to succeed. These digital tools enable them to develop better processes, increase client engagement, monitor performance and even reach new markets.

But new tools often require new skills to select, implement and operate them.

The app integrator partners in this new directory are leaders in their fields. They have the necessary skills, knowledge, and most importantly experience to guide small businesses and their advisors when selecting, implementing and operating apps in our marketplace.

Sharing the burden

Keeping a business afloat during times of political and economic instability is never an easy task. So the last thing a business owner wants to be doing is wasting time getting on board with a new tech tool. So that’s why we’ve launched this new directory – to make the whole process a whole lot easier. 

As small businesses become more tech-savvy, they’ll value guidance from a trusted app integrator, to help identify app solutions to improve operational efficiencies, growth and cash flow.

So whether you’re upscaling your business or digitising your processes, connecting with a Xero App Integrator will help you navigate, select and implement the right app for you, or your clients business.

We’re pretty excited to be launching this directory. To find out more, check out the App Integrator Directory today.

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