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LilyBee Wrap: Changing habits one step at a time

Posted 11 months ago in Small business by Joanne Tait
Posted by Joanne Tait

In support of Plastic Free July, we’re showcasing a few of our small business customers who are embracing sustainability as part of their business model.

LilyBee Wrap is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic food wrap. Owners Stacia and Miko Jensen created the reusable handmade wraps, made from cotton and beeswax to reduce the impact of plastic on our land and sea. We talk to Stacia to find out how her business is helping reduce the amount of plastic in our environment.

A drive to leave the world a better place

A dream trip around New Zealand in 2015 opened Stacia and Miko’s eyes to a growing plastic problem.

“While appreciating all of the beauty here, we also noticed the rubbish left behind. Using plastic drove us crazy. And once we learned how the toxicity of plastic easily leaches into our food it scared us,” says Stacia.

The couple started to look into how food was stored before plastic became the default method. After trying a few products that didn’t quite fit their needs, they decided to create their own.

“It was when I became pregnant that spurred us on wanting to leave a healthier planet and life for the next generation coming through.”

If they’re looked after well, our wraps last for between six months to a year or more. This eliminates countless rolls of single-use plastic wrap and brightens up lunch boxes across the country with their beautiful prints.

Cut fruit on a wooden board in brightly coloured Lilybee Wrap

Small changes can make a big difference

Replacing plastic food wrap with LilyBee wraps has been a starting point for a lot of Kiwis looking for easy ways to reduce their plastic consumption.

“It kind of plants the seed and gives them confidence to try other easy wins like reusable water bottles and KeepCups. One of my favourites recently though is using glass jars to freeze food,” says Stacia.

A movement of everyday New Zealanders who want to do their bit to improve the environment is gathering steam. Stacia is proud that LilyBee is encouraging customers to think about what other steps they can take to reduce plastic.

“We heard about LilyBee being a starting point for so many people and wondering what they could do next. So we started a Facebook group called All You Can Eco. That’s actually where I learned about the using glass jars to freeze things.”

Their goal is to keep inspiring and empowering people to take small, achievable changes that can have a huge impact. They also have big aspirations for New Zealand.

“I would love New Zealand to take the lead from some other countries like the states in India that are banning all single use plastic. I think the more everyone realises how connected we are and how easy some of these changes can be, it will make all the difference.”

If you want to learn more about how you can reduce single-use plastic, check out the Plastic Free July resources.


Rebecca Prince-Ruiz
August 15, 2018 at 5.23 pm

Hi Team Xero – thanks for sharing the Plastic Free July challenge and encouraging people to be part of the solution! This year an estimated 250,000 Kiwis and over 3.4 million people worldwide participated in Plastic Free July shows what an impact we can make if we all make small changes.
Cheers from the Plastic Free July team

Di Crawford-Errington
July 8, 2019 at 9.15 pm

I LOVE LilyBee wraos. They are the absolutely best ones I have found so far, and i have tried a lot. Well done guys.

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