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Xero cloud accounting training for BDO grads

Posted 5 months ago in Xero news by Beeny Atherton
Posted by Beeny Atherton

At Xero, we believe that exposure to real world practices drives strong education, so we’re very invested in helping the next generation of accountants and bookkeepers succeed.

One way we do this is through our Xero training days for graduates, to ensure they are equipped with strong accounting software knowledge from the very beginning. That way, when they step into dealing with clients, they already have a strong understanding of the system so they can spend more time building those important relationships with their clients.

We hosted two training days for graduates from BDO from around New Zealand, which were held in our beautiful Auckland and Wellington offices this week. The days were tailored for BDO’s business advisory services and tax teams, and were facilitated through interactive workshops, seminars and product demonstrations. We also hosted a range of quizzes and games, with some Xero swag as prizes which were well-received by the crowd.

The training days ensured that BDO’s graduates were well on their way to getting Xero certified, so that they know how to best access client’s information in a timely way, leaving more time for them to perform advisory services. From understanding the foundations of the Xero product, to learning keyboard shortcuts, creating bills from emails and understanding bank reconciliation, the grads gained a breadth of knowledge about the cloud accounting platform. We also showed them how to best navigate Xero, where to find quick tips and Xero Central, and what the status page means. These tips are not only useful in their own learning, but they can now show their future clients tricks for better practice and better use of time.

The feedback we received from the days was very positive, with many grads commenting on the engagement of the presenters, the shortcuts and simple explanations which can help save time, and the opportunity to interact with and learn from other grads. We also gave the graduates a little book to take home as something that they can always refer back to.

We know the value that learning these skills has on graduates entering the workforce. While they may have had some exposure to accounting software during their tertiary studies, they won’t have formed a solid understanding of the Xero product. We do this to make sure that when they go back to their desks, they can get right into the nitty gritty of accounting and advisory services.

If you want your graduates to learn best practice and be well equipped for their career in your firm, reach out to us about conducting a training day with Xero.

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