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Cloud technology: fuelling accounting success

Posted 1 year ago in Advisors by Sarah Minns
Posted by Sarah Minns

It’s been a busy time for Xero in South Africa. In May, our Roadshow stopped by Johannesburg and Cape Town to show support for South Africa’s dynamic, inventive accounting community – a community that’s important to the country’s businesses and its economy.

This year’s event focused on “The Road to Digital Accounting”: an important and resonant theme for an industry that’s experiencing some serious (and overdue) change, and one that has risen to the challenge.

In front of hundreds of Xero-using accountants, partners bookkeepers, and business owners (1,500 in total!), Colin Timmis, SA General Country Manager, spoke about our latest innovations and updates. But more than that, he took the opportunity to answer one burning question:  What fuels accountants – and how can Xero help them?

Colin’s answer was simple: education, experience, and equipment.


Cloud technology drives efficiency, productivity, and saves you money. At Xero, we believe this pretty passionately.

But there’s no denying that cloud technology comes with its own learning curve – and we’re committed to making it as straight as possible. Colin devoted a considerable part of his talk to Xero’s resources, which help clients and their employees get to grips with our systems as quickly as possible.

He also took the opportunity to announce a new platform for our educational resources in Xero central, where we’re going to be sharing South Africa-theme content including online courses, webinars and events.

We want our community to fully embrace our software, and to get the most out of it – and we’re keen to roll this hub out and create a better user experience. Watch this space!


Cloud technology can be a little overwhelming: in Xero’s marketplace alone, there are over 750 apps and integrations. This gives you an opportunity to tailor your experience, but it also means it can be hard to know where to start.

But do not worry: Colin announced that we’re improving our user experience and launching an app integrated directory to give you immediate access to all the apps you could ever need – and more importantly, to help you choose which apps you might need out of the options available. We want to guide you through the process of using Xero, so you can get what you need from our tools.


And what of the tools themselves? As Colin said, if you employ someone and give them a yellow beach spade, and then tell them to dig a hole in the road with a yellow beach spade, that would be considered a little cruel.

Times are changing in the accounting industry, and so times are changing here at Xero – and for the better. Education and user experience are important, but Colin stressed the importance of giving people the equipment they need to thrive every day.

We’re refining our functions and services to solve common time and formatting problems that will add up to a better experience for your organisation – making it easier to grow your business, service your clients, and thrive.

The SA Roadshow is over, but for Xero customers, the journey is just beginning.

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June 9, 2019 at 11.11 pm

Thanks for sharing this information with us. “Cloud technology” is really helpful for for every business. its provide speed for work.

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