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Introducing our new hospitality app playbook

Posted 4 months ago in Apps by Kaye Harding
Posted by Kaye Harding

Since launching the first editions of our app playbook series a year ago (almost to the day!), we have been overwhelmed by the response. After five app playbooks and 13,000 downloads, we’re as excited as ever to keep fueling the transition to business advisory with new content and support.

One of the most commonly requested editions has been for a hospitality playbook. The industry represents 8% of small businesses globally, and with the cloud driving rapid change in business models for hospitality clients, recommending the right apps to assist is critical to success.

Operational performance: Getting the basics right

The pace and challenges of the hospitality industry brings new considerations to existing workflows. Hospitality businesses pay on average 40 additional invoices a month compared to other businesses**, while regulatory changes such as Single Touch Payroll and Payday filing in Australia and New Zealand require the right flow of data in and out of Xero.

Sales performance: Using technology to grow revenue

From the effective use of a POS system to managing digital marketing and online marketplaces, getting the right sales and marketing stack is critical to maintaining healthy revenue. Xero’s hospitality playbook consolidates over twenty apps into feature comparison matrices to make it easier for you to identify and recommend the right app to your clients. These are designed to act as the perfect ‘next step’ for an advisory conversation around business performance.

Being proactive with change

The introduction of new consumer technologies are changing the expectations of hospitality customers and for your clients to stay current, they need to react. Whether you have one or fifty clients in the hospitality industry, we recommend reading the playbook to understand what this means for you as an advisor. Using client scenarios we explore the different paths your clients can take to future growth, helping you guide your clients about how cloud technology can help their business.

You can download the playbook here. We hope you enjoy it!

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