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Fasten your seatbelts: Xero airs its first TV ad in the UK

Posted 9 months ago in Small business by Rob Foulkes
Posted by Rob Foulkes

If you turn on your TV today you might see something pretty spectacular. And we’re not talking about the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

We’re excited to be airing our first ever TV advert in the UK. With over a million businesses required to store digital records and submit digital VAT returns for Making Tax Digital, we wanted to make sure they all know about Xero.

Check it out…

The ad, produced by the team at Brave Spark, airs today and runs for the next three months

Fortune favours the brave

It’s not your typical ad for online accounting software. We think it’s something just a little bit different to capture the attention of UK business owners and set us apart from the rest.

Produced by Brave Spark, an award-winning creative content agency, the ad begins with a close-up of a car tyre being changed. And as the camera pans out, the shot reveals that its all taking place as the car is being driven on two wheels.

Running a business doesn’t need to be scary

Stunt driving is scary stuff. But not as scary as it can be to run a small business. It’s a metaphor for the many ways in which small businesses find themselves spending time doing things the hard way.

We want to change that.

Unexpected challenges are thrown their way every day and often business owners just have to figure out how to get the job done on the move. A clear, real-time picture of a business’s financial health has never been more important.

Rob Drake, Brave Spark Co-Founder and Creative Director, says: “The magic of being a small business owner is that they’re often figuring things out on the move. They’re building the plane as it hurtles down the runway, or in this case changing the tyre as it speeds towards the horizon, whilst juggling the practicalities of managing a business, such as the finances. And that’s what Xero is selling… not just accounting software, but that bit of extra time every business owner needs.”

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