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Uber for Business is ‘arriving soon’ with Xero Connect

Posted 1 year ago in Advisors by Tyson Lloyd
Posted by Tyson Lloyd

Small business owners are constantly on the move, so we’re pleased to announce that Uber for Business is our latest Xero Connect partner.

With Uber for Business joining Xero Connect in Australia and New Zealand, companies can centralise payments when staff use Uber for business travel with the monthly Uber bills seamlessly flowing into Xero.

Uber for Business provides businesses with affordable rides for employees with a central dashboard that keeps track of Uber trips and fares. Xero Connect automates the flow of external invoices into Xero, saving small businesses time, eliminating manual data entry, and increasing the accuracy of their invoices.

This combined solution is perfect for any business whose employees use the Uber ride-sharing app for work-related trips.

What Uber for Business does

Uber for Business enables companies to manage how their employees use Uber for work purposes. It centralises the billing for the business, which removes the hassle for employees of processing their Uber expenses back to the company. Employers can set up profiles for their workers, and they even have the option to order rides for their customers.

Uber for Business gets small business moving with some great features.

  • Account management: With an Uber for Business account, you can enable employee access and monitor trip activity. Employees can use a central payment account or request reimbursement for business-related Uber trips.
  • Expenses made easy: Tag trips with an expense code and notes.
  • Set Uber rides policies: Create customisable ride policies that limit when and where your employees can ride.
  • Report back: Create customisable trip reports that include the details you need to keep track of all the rides taken on your company’s Uber for Business account.

How Xero and Uber will integrate

Once you’ve downloaded Uber for Business from the Xero app marketplace and logged in to your Uber account:

  • Xero will validate your email and connect your Uber account details
  • Every month, Uber will email you a PDF invoice outlining the trips made that month for all employees on your account.
  • Xero will extract the invoice data and automatically create a draft bill in Xero.
  • You can then review, approve and pay the draft bill.
  • When the payment comes into Xero via your bank feed, it will automatically be matched to the bill and reconciled.

Uber + Xero: working together to simplify business

Uber for Business has chosen Xero as the first small business cloud accounting software platform partner to integrate with in Australia and New Zealand. Ultimately, helping companies save time processing expenses, simplifying the reconciling of spend on the use of Uber and providing a better experience to the employees using the service.

Stay tuned for more announcements and when you can start trialling Uber for Business with your Xero account.



February 6, 2019 at 3.38 am

Please add this for US orgs as well. We have Uber for Business & would like to connect this

Hot ride
February 7, 2019 at 1.55 pm

Great work Xero + Uber. What a partnership!

February 10, 2019 at 12.45 pm

Congrats! More reasons for small businesses in Aus and NZ to move to Xero Beautiful Business platform

July 17, 2019 at 12.38 pm

Do we know when this will be available in AU yet? I cant find Uber on the App Marketplace.

Eoghan Kenny
July 20, 2019 at 6.42 am

When is this happening in Ireland?

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