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Say goodbye to taxing Januarys

Posted 9 months ago in Advisors by Mark Barraclough

Phew, self-assessment season is over for another year! We know tax filing is a slog for so many UK accountants and bookkeepers. So we’re excited to bring UK tax to Xero, helping Xero accounting partners enjoy a much less stressful January next year.

Our acquisition of Instafile in November signals a new approach to accounts preparation and tax in Xero. Amongst other things, we’ll be introducing self assessment filing – making January tax season less taxing.

Since the acquisition, we’ve been hard at work to make it a reality for your practice. So here’s the latest…         

Bringing tax into Xero

As we migrate Instafile onto Xero’s AWS platform, we’ve also been transitioning the product into the Xero product suite. Our aim is to align our new accounts preparation and tax experience with Xero to become an extension of core Xero and HQ – rather than a separate product.

Welcoming two new Xeros to the family

We are so pleased to welcome the founders and engineers behind Instafile, Keith Carsley and Alvin Ho, into the Xero family.

Both entrepreneurs and software engineers, Keith and Alvin have been writing beautiful code and starting businesses together for more than 14 years. Now officially Xeros, they’re on the recruitment drive and have already begun hiring for a team of developers to support our ambitions.

Register your interest in the beta

As Keith, Alvin and the team work away on building an even more beautiful accounts preparation and tax product, we’ve now begun our closed beta process.

We’re working with a small group of Xero partners to start with, and will gather feedback and learn from their experiences to make sure we’re building a product that meets your needs. The beta will then extend to all partners who have registered their interest before we open the product up to all partners generally.

If you’re interested in joining the beta, and in being the first to hear about our future development plans, you can register your interest by emailing

For further questions or support, please contact your Xero account manager. Look out for videos, resources and updates on Xero U. And if you’re not yet a Xero partner, sign up to the partner programme at or email

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