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Xero Central wins Plain English Award

Posted 4 years ago in Xero news by Beeny Atherton
Posted by Beeny Atherton

A few weeks back, Xero Central won the Plain English Award for the best website – private sector. The awards are designed to encourage organisations to use simple language rather than corporate doublespeak.

If you haven’t seen Xero Central, it’s our new help centre for business owners and accountants who use our products. It contains instructions on everything from setting up due dates on invoices to running depreciation on assets. It’s a wild ride.

While reviewing Xero Central, the judges said:

  • ‘The website is very easy to follow. Instructions and procedures are crystal clear.’
  • ‘Sentences are short, active, and flow logically from one to the next.’
  • ‘Each page presents coherent and clear instructions that help customers do something specific.’

We’re delighted to get the award because we take simple content seriously. Our team of writers work hard to make Xero Central pages easy to find and concise. What will you search for? What information do you need? What can be left out?

To ensure our content is up to scratch, we work with our customer support team to answer common questions asked by you. We then monitor our pages for metrics like page views and bounce rate. We expect that every page will do its duty.

As our products grow, Xero Central grows too. In May 2018, we rebuilt the site so our 2500 pages sit in more intuitive categories. We chose each category based on months of user testing. We also added a smartypants search engine that uses past searches to serve up better answers.

A few months later, we introduced a discussions feature that allows you to ask questions and find answers from other Xero users. As we have megatonnes of business expertise in our community, it makes sense to harness it.

As always, you can contact us if you can’t find an answer on Xero Central or, heaven forbid, you spot a mistake. Just hit the ‘Get in Touch’ button at the bottom of each article. With your help, we hope to make our content even clearer in 2019.

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