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Xero app partners win big at Xero Awards 2018

Posted 2 years ago in Xero news by Ben Johnson
Posted by Ben Johnson

With our expanding ecosystem of diverse add-on partners, this year it wasn’t possible to celebrate just one app partner. The Xero Awards for our app partners showcase the most exciting, established and emerging accounting and tech apps helping businesses become more efficient and productive. We’re delighted to announce this year’s winners…

App Partner of the Year

This award celebrates exceptional quality of service and continuous improvement.

Winner: GoCardless

GoCardless is a deserving winner for the second year running. This has been an amazing year for the Direct Debit provider, which now helps over 1,000 UK accountants and bookkeepers to get paid on time, along with thousands of small businesses. This year saw GoCardless rapidly expand into Australia and New Zealand, with many more countries to come.

Xero Awards – GoCardless with Steve Vamos and Gary Turner

Emerging App Partner of the Year

The Emerging App Partner award recognises a Xero add-on partner that shows the potential to deliver increasing value-added services to empower small businesses.

Winner: Fluidly

Fluidly has done an incredible job working with our Xero partners to help provide cash flow forecasting services to UK businesses that require no modelling whatsoever. They’ve done such a good job that they’ve experienced 60% month on month growth in mutual customers since March this year.

Xero Awards – Fluidly with Steve Vamos and Gary Turner

Financial Services App of the Year

This is a brand new award this year that champions the app partner whose financial services support helps small businesses work smarter and more efficiently.

Winner: iwoca

iwoca has built a beautiful experience for Xero customers looking for business loans, while supporting hundreds of UK accounting partners to serve their clients working capital needs.

Xero Awards – iwoca with Steve Vamos and Gary Turner

Industry-Specific App of the Year

This award celebrates a Xero app-partner helping resolve business challenges in a particular sector.

Winner: Figured

In their first year in the UK, Figured has already helped hundreds of farmers and their advisors better manage their farm’s financial health. An app headquartered in Auckland, Figured has committed to the UK long-term by establishing a UK team. The UK team have taken a deliberate and considered approach to launching the Figured solution here and are seeing great traction with Xero partners advising the agri community across the country.

Xero Awards – Figured with Steve Vamos and Gary Turner

Practice App of the Year

This award recognises the app-partner that continuously help to improve the work of Xero partners.

Winner: FUTRLI

FUTRLI has made a significant investment in enabling Xero partners. They have certified over 2,500 accountants and bookkeepers on their advisor programme, providing world-class support and training to Xero partners, which in turn provides the valuable insights and action plans that UK businesses are calling out for.

Xero Awards – Futrli with Steve Vamos and Gary Turner

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