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Even more resources to put you on the road to app advisory success

Posted 8 months ago in Xero news by Nick Houldsworth

215,065*. It’s a pretty big number. Any ideas what it represents? That’s how many businesses started in the UK over a 12 month period within the retail, trade and construction, and professional services industries. At Xerocon London, we’ve just announced new resources for you to help these businesses, as well as your existing clients, succeed using the right software in their business.

We’ve released two new industry specialist app advisory badges in Xero U, plus an cash flow playbook, to help your clients reach their cash flow goals. Here’s why you should check out these new resources.

Why we’ve been investing in app advisory

Whether you’re already recommending apps to your clients, or you’re interested in getting started, we want to make it easier for you to build a repeatable, scalable process to successfully deliver app advisory for clients. Why? Because we know leveraging apps is critical to your success. 49% of new clients for Xero partners switch from another firm^. Look at the reasons why, and a lack of technology and industry knowledge are two of the top three reasons^^.  

App advisory for retail and professional services clients

We’ve now got even more resources for your industry specialist toolkit. Earlier this year at Xerocon Brisbane, we launched our app advisory badge for trade and construction. And we promised more industry specialist badges were coming soon. We’re now pleased to offer app advisory badges for retail and ecommerce, plus professional services.

These courses deepen your industry knowledge and show you how to match the needs of your clients with the right apps, with help from case studies and comparison matrices, so you can recommend apps with confidence. And the best thing is, you can get started today.

We’re also making it easier for potential clients in these industries to be find you. So once you’ve completed each course successfully, you’ll be awarded a badge showing you specialise in that industry, which will feature on your Xero advisor directory profile. Your practice can also display the badge once it has three or more clients from that industry tagged in Xero HQ and one client connected to an app featured in the course.

Get your clients cash flow on track

Healthy cash flow is the lifeline of any business, regardless of the industry or size. But our research shows, as of July 2018, almost half of  businesses were cash flow negative**. That’s a lot businesses in need of help to get their ingoings and outgoings on track. With our new cash flow playbook, you can help your clients improve the health of their cash flow while developing the value of your advisory services. It sets out the three key areas of cash flow app advisory and the corresponding technology stacks to help your clients succeed.  

It’s part of the app playbook series, we launched earlier this year. Check out the other resources in the series to learn you how to bring the fundamentals of app advisory into your practice and recommend apps for our three biggest industries: trade and construction, retail and ecommerce, and professional services. They’re also great reference materials to supplement out industry specialist badges.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with our playbooks and industry specialist badges today.  

* Total new businesses registered across Professional Services, Trade and Construction and Retail and ecommerce – UK, 2016. Source: ONS Business Demography (latest release). Data available at:

** Xero SBI data, UK, NZ, AU. 2018.

^ Xero UK Pacesetters Research (n=441), September 2018.

^^ Xero UK SMB market study (n=1500), October 2018.

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Richard Francis
November 16, 2018 at 11.08 am

Seriously good content here Xero. A must-read for accountants who want to advise through a future lens.

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