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Reduce the burden of keeping track of jobs thanks to new integrations to Xero Projects

Posted 11 months ago in Xero news by Dhan Mannakkara
Posted by Dhan Mannakkara

As we try to become THE connected platform for small businesses and their accountants, we’ve made a number of improvements to Xero Projects that help reduce the amount of duplicate data entry for small businesses and their accountants, and make it easy to keep on top of the time and costs of each job.

Pull time recorded against your projects into Xero Payroll

Now live in the UK, our new integration between Xero Payroll and Xero Projects integration lets you pull time recorded in a project directly into Xero Payroll. This reduces the burden on your employees as they only need to enter their time in one place, and it also makes it really easy for business owners, their administrators or accountants to ensure they’re paying staff the right amount.

Your employees can record their time against a given project from their mobile, tablet or computer. Then, when it’s time to process payroll, your payroll administrator can copy time recorded to projects directly to the the timesheet in Xero Payroll.

Assign sales credit notes to projects

Ever invoiced a customer and then find that you need to return part of the sale? With the new credit notes integration for Xero Projects, when a credit note is issued you can apply the amount to a chosen project. This then automatically updates your project financials so that you will see the invoiced amounts net of any credit notes applied. Learn more on Xero Central. And, very soon we will be introducing this functionality to supplier credit notes so that your project costs always accurately reflect what you are spending.

Assigning costs to projects

Not quite a new feature but a great way to ensure you’re making the most of the platform. Any costs you incur can easily assigned to a project from the bill or during bank reconciliation. Save yourself the double entry of entering costs to a project and simply pick them up from your existing bills or payments. Learn more on Xero Central.

Pull time recorded in Trello into Xero Projects

Trello is a really popular tool that helps teams to collaborate on any project. With the new Xero Projects Power-Up you can push time recorded in Trello but into Xero Projects without leaving the platform.

Get started with Xero Projects

Small business can try Xero Projects for free during their trial or in the Xero demo company. You can also find out more about Xero Projects here.

If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper you can visit our dedicated feature page for practices download our toolkit with an overview of how it could help you work with your clients. And don’t forget that if you’re a Xero Partner you get programme points for using your free version of Xero Projects with your practice org.


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