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Lodge activity statements with Xero is available for partners!

Posted 3 weeks ago in Advisors by Tim Wright
Posted by Tim Wright

At Xerocon Brisbane 2018 we announced that, with Xero, you’ll be able to lodge activity statements directly to the Australian Tax Office.

Every quarter, six million business activity statements are lodged in Australia, with 50% lodged by tax or BAS agents, and 30% on paper forms. That’s a whole lot of BAS.

So it’s no surprise that being able to lodge activity statements to the ATO directly from Xero has been high on the request list from small business owners and the Xero partner community alike.

Currently, Xero partners (BAS agents and tax agents)  can use Xero Tax to lodge activity statements or manually re-enter information from Xero into a form, either through the ATO portal, using alternative software, or filling in a paper form. This is time-consuming, as it requires double handling of data and the need for multiple systems. Lodging activity statements with Xero will make the process easier by eliminating the need to rekey data or submit paper forms; it will minimise errors and save time.

Here’s how it will work.

With this new feature comes a new user permission setting: Submit BAS. Only users with this permission will be able to lodge activity statements. For all users, the default setting will be ‘off’.  The right to submit BAS will ultimately be controlled by the subscriber.

This feature is available to partners who would like to try it out now. Just email by Friday 14th September and we will turn the feature on for your organisation.

The next stage of the rollout will see the feature turned on for all partner practice organisations, followed by partner attached subscriptions and a general release.

Register for our webinar for more information.


September 6, 2018 at 2.45 pm

How much extra is it going to cost?

Tim Wright in reply to Ray Xero
September 12, 2018 at 2.23 pm

@Ray there’s no extra cost.

Lodging Activity Statements with Xero will be made available in Australian Xero Business edition plans, including trials (and for partners, the Australian GST cashbook partner edition plan and free Practice edition as well) as part of the subscription value.

I’m afraid we won’t be able to offer it in the Demo Company though.
The Demo Company is a fictitious Xero organisation we provide to test out Xero features for yourself with sample data, or data you add. As such it can’t be used to connect to real life live ATO systems required for lodging a businesses activity statements from software.

September 20, 2018 at 6.17 pm

Is there an estimated date or timeframe for the general release?

Tim Wright in reply to Lucy Xero
September 24, 2018 at 11.55 pm

@Lucy We’ve had some strong interest from our partners to have access and do some lodgments – if all goes well we’d be hoping mid to late October we can make it generally available to everyone.

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