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Bringing app advisory into your practice: Latest ecosystem announcements from Xerocon Brisbane

Posted 4 years ago in Apps by Nick Houldsworth

Every year at Xerocon, we announce more features, resources and tools, to help you thrive on our platform and ensure success for you and your small business clients. In my recent talk at Xerocon Brisbane, I highlighted our latest investments to put you on the path to success with recommending apps to your clients. If you missed it, here’s a quick recap of the highlights.

The opportunity and the challenges

Xero’s ecosystem of apps has created even greater opportunities to grow your advisory services and put yourself in the virtual CFO seat.

Practices who leverage apps for their own business and clients’ businesses are more efficient and grow revenue faster, but over half of our partners aren’t sure how to get started. We hear they are overwhelmed by the sheer range of solutions and need better training on how to start.

So we’re excited to announce a number product updates and new initiatives to help our partners get on this journey.

Certifying for quality and customer value

The market for small business software has exploded in recent years. But every application that joins the Xero marketplace is vetted by one of our Developer Evangelist team, ensuring each app meets a minimum certification standard to be integrated with Xero and wear the Connected App badge.

With 700+ apps in the marketplace, we recently added new tiers to our App Partner Program, based on the number of Xero customers, growth, plus the reviews and ratings each app has. Keep an eye out for apps displayed as “featured” on our marketplace. These are the preferred and recommended partners in our app partner program, giving you even greater assurance of the quality and popularity of some of our most well-known app partners.

Tailored recommendations by customer industry

We’ve just released a new Xero in-app marketplace experience, so we can provide tailored app recommendations for clients based on their industry. This helps narrow down selection even further, providing solutions that address industry-specific customer needs. We’ve also made this available via Xero HQ explorer, so you can quickly find recommendations for your clients in, say, retail or construction industries.

We’re also providing richer information on our app marketplace so you can see exactly how data flows between Xero and each 3rd party app.

Bringing app advisory into your practice

Earlier this year, we launched our app playbook series, showing you how to bring the fundamentals of app advisory into your practice and recommend apps for our three biggest industries: trade and construction, retail and ecommerce, and professional services. Our playbooks were so popular, we’ve built on this content and created two great new resources.

Introducing our Xero U courses for app advisory and trade and construction

The app advisory course is designed to arm you with the knowledge to begin your app advisory journey and feel confident recommending apps to your clients. You’ll all be at different points on your app advisory journey and there’s no one size fits all approach. The course details three levels of advisory so you can choose the right one for your practice.

With the trade and construction Xero U course you’ll learn how to profile your clients’ needs and find the right app for their business, with help from case studies and comparison matrices, so you can recommend apps with confidence. We have other industry courses coming soon, so stay tuned!

Get recognised for your skills

Now you have the tools to start implementing app advisory, we want to make sure you get recognised for your skills, so you can grow your practice and reach new clients.

Introducing the new Xero advisor industry listing 

Once you complete an industry course in Xero U you’ll receive an industry specialist badge on your advisor directory profile. As long as your practice has three clients tagged within that industry, including at least one client using an industry app, your practice will also be awarded an industry specialist badge. The first course we’ve launched is trade and construction and we’ll be adding more industry courses soon.

In addition, we also want to recognise your experience with individual apps. Once you’ve got over three clients connected to one app, you’ll be shown side-by-side on that app’s regional listing in our app marketplace.

So where do you begin?

I encourage you to check out all of the new tools and resources I’ve introduced in this blog. Enroll yourself or your chosen staff members in our new Xero U course and trade and construction Xero U course, if that’s an area you specialise in. Then, with help from insights from our new marketplace and Xero HQ functionality, you can get started recommending apps. Next, get recognised and reach new clients with our Xero Advisor Directory.

We hope these steps will set you on the path to success with app advisory, so with your knowledge, combined with our new tools and resources, you can add greater value to your clients and your practice.

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