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Why I’m heading to Xerocon | Courtney Wallen

Posted 2 years ago in Advisors by Amanda Newton
Posted by Amanda Newton

Xero partner Courtney is making the trip from Launceston, Tasmania to Brisbane for her first ever Xerocon event.  Xero’s Head of Community, Amanda Newton, took the opportunity to find out a little more about what Courtney is expecting from Xerocon 2018.

My journey with Xero

I’m a millennial and have been in the bookkeeping industry for a decade. I started with a handful of clients using various software packages as well as having numerous ‘shoe-box’ clients. I wanted to keep them happy, so I just stuck with whatever way they did they kept their accounts.

Fast-forward many years later to when I started a family, I soon found that ‘time is of the essence’ and simply couldn’t keep up with the commitments in my calendar. I decided to approach all of my clients to offer a boutique-style service that fitted their business needs and to focus on the add-on apps that integrate with Xero. This resulted in me transferring my clients over to Xero; and that had to be the best thing for my business thus far. It’s pretty amazing to think that I can provide people with a bookkeeping service and give them back time – time in their lives for family or to work on their beautiful businesses.

My first Xerocon is an exciting time for me and my business. It’s well known for being the one big event on an accountants and bookkeepers social and business calendar for the whole year!

Why am I coming?

I’m attending Xerocon to meet leaders and other professionals within the industry who are just as excited about accounting and bookkeeping as me. Living such a fast-paced life, I know that business needs to be pretty slick to help clients with their work-life balance. If I can further my own knowledge on the best technology and what’s to come in bookkeeping, that’s sufficient reason in itself to attend. It’s a pure joy for me to be able to pass on skills and expertise to my clients, as I consider myself part of their business too.

What am I expecting?

I think this year’s Xerocon, held in the sunny state of Brisbane, is going be a fiesta of technological advances! The industry is rapidly changing and, to me, the best place to see how it’s all likely to unfold is by attending Xerocon. I’ve seen the line-up of speakers and will enjoy learning from leaders within this industry. I expect I’ll leave Xerocon with a brain that is brimming with new business ideas for my clients.


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Christine Fordham
September 1, 2018 at 9.10 am

Hi Courtney. My son will be there. His name is Kent Fordham. If you bump into him say hi from me.

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