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Five tips for app partners to get the most out of Xerocon

Posted 7 months ago in Apps by Kaye Harding
Posted by Kaye Harding

The countdown to Xerocon Brisbane is on. If you’re an app partner exhibiting this year, here are five ways to make the most of the event.

1: Understand accountants and bookkeepers

Xerocon gives our accounting and bookkeeping partners a valuable learning platform to get face-to-face with Xero’s ecosystem community. So make the most of the opportunity to educate them about your app and how it can benefit their practice and clients. Each will have varying levels of understanding and proficiency with using apps. Around a third of Xero advisors are already recommending apps to their clients, while another 50% want to get started, but aren’t sure how. So when accountants and bookkeepers arrive at your booth, talk to them about their current approach with using apps. Tailor your conversation to their experience level and needs,  to demonstrate how your app can help.

2: Prepare for great engagement

The preparation you put in leading up to Xerocon is one of the most crucial elements for success at the event. Knowing your audience and understanding your product is key to marketing to accountants and bookkeepers. Once you’ve decided who will be manning your Xerocon booth, make sure they know your product inside out. If they don’t, invest the time to train them. Everyone should know your app’s value proposition/elevator pitch. If you haven’t got one of these, refer to our GTM guide  Stronger together: Xero + your app. It will take you through how to create a winning joint value proposition with Xero.

3: Plan for booth success

Stand out from the crowd with a booth that not only attracts visitors, but keeps them engaged when they’re there. Our accountants and bookkeepers attending Xerocon are largely Xero enthusiasts. So use the chance to show them how easy it is to use your app with Xero and offer them a demo. Everybody loves receiving swag. Think about what you can give away at your booth that’s unique and reflects your brand. And don’t forget to have a clear plan for how you will capture lead information from your visitors.

4: Let our community know you’re coming

Use your blog and social channels to let accountants and bookkeepers know you’re coming. Provide tips on what to do while in they are in town, give your predictions for what will be announced at Xerocon, get creative and focus on topics that will spark sharing on social media. Check out content on Xero’s blog and social media channels that you can share with your own networks in the lead up to and during the event. During the event tweet updates, post photos of your booth, including your booth number so attendees know how to find you. For more tips on using social media refer to our Social Media Success guide for some inspiration.

5: Don’t forget the post-event follow up

The event may be over, but it can be just the beginning for some great ongoing relationships. Xerocon sales happen after the event, so following up post-event is crucial. If you have a CRM system make sure you upload your new contacts into it so these leads can be shared with your sales team. Look for 1:many opportunities to keep communicating to accountants and bookkeepers as well. For example, you could create content wrapping up Xerocon highlights. It’s also a good time to review what went well and what you’ve learnt for your exhibiting at your next Xerocon.

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