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Introducing Xero’s new Australian Head of Community, Amanda Newton

Posted 7 months ago in Advisors by Marina Holmes
Posted by Marina Holmes

I’m very excited to welcome a new addition to our Xero team in Australia, Amanda Newton. Amanda joins us as Head of Community where she will work closely alongside our valued community of bookkeepers and accountants on a daily basis. A former small business advisor, accountant, and lover of all-things people, we chat to Amanda about her path to the role.

What does the role of Head of Community mean to you?

I have a real passion for people and gravitated my work and studies around communities. I was actually an elected Councillor and Deputy Mayor for my local community at the age of 21! I’ve just always been fascinated by the way communities integrate and support one another, and move and shift to make others belong.

There’s such a strength and vulnerability in communities. Done right, they become a place where you have the space to be an individual that grows as part of a collective. You don’t find that everywhere; it’s pretty extraordinary.

Why Xero?

Underneath all this, I’m a really strong advocate of Xero. I‘ve seen firsthand the way it transformed the advisory company I co-owned, Negotiis. It can sound like a cliche until it’s happened to you, but Xero is so much more than software – it genuinely transformed the way we connected with our team and customers, and that was so powerful.

The opportunity to get on the inside in a role that allows me to connect with people I relate to, doing what I love in terms of supporting and building a robust community, it’s a win win win.  

What do you do when you’re offline?

I’m a keen hiker and I like to take things off the map. Three weeks ago, my husband and I took the kids, who are 10 and 12 years old, to Halls Gap in Victoria. We walked to the top of the Grand Canyon, laid on the top of the rock, turned off all the lights and watched the stars. It’s good to find out-of-the-box ways to connect too.

After now selling my business and wrapping up EOFY (congratulations to you all!) my family and I are off to Cairns for three weeks before I return to hit the ground running with Xero.

I can’t wait to meet you, learn from you and discover what we can do together.

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