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Bringing our employee brand to life

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When you are a global company that is innovating and growing at speed, winning the war for talent is crucial. Particularly in the tech sector where this fast paced and ever evolving industry means it’s even more challenging to attract the kind of talent, often with niche skills, that a business like ours needs to succeed.

A #beautiful brand platform

If we want to continue to change the game for our 1.4M+ customers around the world, our brand platform needs to reflect our big and bold ambitions. This is why we have recently relaunched our tagline to #beautifulbusiness. This highlights how we have evolved from being a ‘beautiful accounting software’ company to today being a thriving business technology platform and global community that is collectively working to rewire the small business economy.

It reflects how we are now connecting millions of businesses to their advisors, banks, apps, enterprises and each other. #beautifulbusiness highlights the power of our SMBs, accounting partners and broader ecosystem in achieving something truly beautiful. Because we know that when small businesses are successful, jobs are created, economies thrive, communities prosper… and that’s good for everyone.

An exceptional employer brand

We also know we need a clear, compelling and differentiated global employee brand that ensures we stand out from the crowd and attract the best and right people to Xero. This is about understanding what the essence of our employee experience is and asking the question ‘what it is to be a Xero and why would you want to work here?’

To answer this we held Employee Value Proposition (EVP) workshops across our five regions (Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Americas and Asia) which gave us real clarity and insight around our global employer brand. What was clear is that living and breathing our values (#beautiful #champion #challenge #ownership #human) is fundamental to what it is to be a Xero. It’s also important our employer brand is closely aligned and reflects our broader brand platform #beautifulbusiness.

Building on this, in our efforts to ensure our people believe, belong and flourish, we agreed on some consistent themes around our employer brand promise:

  • Be yourself
  • Purpose and passion
  • Growth and potential
  • Great people and teams

Bringing this to life

And there’s no better way to bring our employer brand to life than to share our new #dobeautifulwork Video and Careers Page, which launched this week.

And if you want to be part of something special, love your career, and help small businesses across the globe succeed with Xero – come join us!

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