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Xerocon Atlanta: Powering your practice with Xero partner products

Posted 2 years ago in Xero news by Beeny Atherton
Posted by Beeny Atherton

The journey to taking your practice online is like an Iron Man Challenge. Like any challenge, with the right training and the right support, you can make it to the finish line.

At Xerocon Atlanta, Ben Richmond, Xero’s VP of Sales for the Americas, took to the stage to walk through the journey. He explained how, when you think about the journey you need to take your practice and your clients on, you need to break the journey down. Together with Tim Cook from our sales team, they walked through how Xero’s partner products can help you on that journey.

Breaking up the journey

Ben explained how the journey starts by identifying where you are. Are you looking at improving practice efficiency? Are you already offering simple advisory? Or are you further down the road – providing complex advisory?

By understanding the various apps we have in our ecosystem you can decide how best to utilize them. To do this, you need to walk the walk and have a business plan in place.

Ben asked, “how can you genuinely do business planning for clients if your own business doesn’t have one? How can you genuinely position the cloud as an opportunity if most of your internal work still sits on a desktop?”.

Leveraging the full platform

You can manage your practice with confidence and insights, by utilizing the right tools. Leveraging Xero HQ, you can facilitate regular contact for offsite clients and make tax season a breeze. Our full end-to-end platform can help you optimize your existing business, and to better deliver on your online strategy.

You can easily leverage Xero’s ecosystem partners including Spotlight, Future or Fathom to provide services to all your clients.By streamlining your compliance, you give yourself more capacity as your clients are online and connected. You can start building capability internally or through outsourced partnerships and can capitalize on new revenue streams. Taking these services to more clients will help you reach your goals faster and have a positive impact on the growth of small businesses.

We are in this together

Ben closed by reiterating that you’re not alone in this process.

“We are all in this together, we are here to help,” Ben said. “We are expanding our partnership support, by accelerating more people with technical and relationship skills into communities, to help you develop a long-term plan and succeed.”

“I wanted to say a huge thanks. There are some trailblazers in this room – helping us to change the game. Let’s accelerate this journey, together.”

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