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Xero Hour: A community unlike any other

Posted 2 years ago in Advisors by David Emmerman
Posted by David Emmerman

There is an overall feeling of excitement and community whenever you walk into a Xero event. This can be said tenfold for Xerocon; where Xero’s partners are able to connect with like-minded cloud accounting leaders from around the country – and even the world. Xero Hour was born out of this idea – but to be the facilitator for more local connections and communities.

Xero Hour is a series of events hosted around the country. They are educational in nature, centered around a monthly theme, and hosted by local Xero partners. These partners have a passion for the platform and building a community of professionals around it. This is a place where they can share ideas and experiences. There is an unspoken trust that is built into these groups that enables people to share openly and discuss real issues that are affecting their practices and teams.

At larger-scale events like Xerocon, a lot of accounting professionals develop long-term relationships while networking with like-minded accountants. With Xero Hour, they get to spend some quality time with these groups every month. So they can keep this feeling alive throughout the year.

The workshop

At the beginning of 2018, we relaunched Xero Hour so as to center it around a popular workshop called Accelerate. It’s a full-day business planning workshop focusing on how any accounting firm needs to take a step back and plan if they want to digitally transform their practice. It means a fundamental shift in how a practice goes to market and delivers services to their clients.

This workshop is designed to help account partners develop a plan including SMART goals and defined action items around key areas of the business that need to be developed on this journey. We have broken down the topics to create a great resource so that you can leverage what we talk about at a high level at Xero Hour at home. You can take home the homework needed in order to accomplish these goals.

The communities

Some Xero Hour groups have taken things into their own hands. They’ve appointed accountability partners among their peers. This exemplifies the saying, “It takes a village to raise a child”. For the attendees that are a part of these groups we see them starting to build true communities that are of significant value. This drives them to want to attend events even if they aren’t necessarily close by. We have seen folks drive considerable distances to be at this meeting month after month. It just shows the commitment to the communities they are developing.

When it comes to Xero Hour there are two facts that are evident. Within communities, peers work collaboratively to propel each other to the next level within their professions. When accounting professionals first experience the sense of community that occurs naturally at a Xero event, the resounding reaction is to want more.

Want to get involved and join a community of like-minded accounting professionals on a journey to accelerate their practices? Find your local Xero Hour event here.


Trinity Scott
June 28, 2018 at 8.28 am

I drive 4 hours to attend Xero Hour when I get to go! But I’d sure love it if there was one in Houston. It’s still 2 – 2 1/2 hours, but better than 4!

David Emmerman
July 10, 2018 at 2.42 am

Trinity, thanks for the input and your commitment to Xero Hour. You will be happy to know that Houston is on the roadmap. Keep an eye on the Xero North America Facebook page for updates.

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