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Creating deeper community connections at Xerocon Atlanta with Brash Coffee

Posted 3 years ago in Advisors by Xero
Posted by Xero

Xerocon Atlanta was filled with wow moments and great coffee was one of the wows that kept our attendees going and the Exhibit Hall floor buzzing. With two full days of eye-opening sessions and conversation for our attendees to take in, great coffee was a must.

We were thrilled to bring in Brash Coffee, a local Atlanta small business, to serve our attendees and share in the experience. Chris McLeod founded Brash Coffee with one goal: to produce the best coffee possible. And for them, it goes deep – into what they make, where it comes from and how they connect to the community.

“We want to share our inspiration and passion for coffee and create a community through the celebration of it,” says Chris. “We visit single farms and buy the highest quality coffees we can find. And we believe in meticulously procuring, roasting, and preparing coffee in a way that honors everyone involved. From the farmers, to the roasters, to the baristas. We are pursuers of simple, delicious coffee.”

So if love is the key ingredient in great food and beverage, it might be the secret behind Brash’s great coffee. Our Xerocon attendees thoroughly enjoyed it.

“The energy at the event was fabulous. Our baristas’ interaction with attendees was also incredibly positive,” Chris remembers. “We had great feedback on the coffee. These days people genuinely appreciate great single origin coffee.”

Brash sources coffee directly from single farmers – it’s the type of relationship and community that resonates strongly with Xero and our community. For Chris, it’s the give and take that creates respect and mutual success.

“Lasting relationships with farmers are super important to us,” he says. “Paying full-price, direct to the farmer enables the farmer to employ people in the local communities where the coffee is grown. It also means the farmer can invest in better processing methods and equipment. And it means we get great access to amazing coffees every year.”

Connections School of Atlanta

Chris also helped Xero support the beautiful city that hosted our show by connecting us with Connections School of Atlanta. This is a private school that focuses on helping teenage kids with autism. After Xerocon had wrapped, we were able to donate the furniture and games enjoyed by our attendees to the school.

It’s a small way to leave behind a token of our thanks to the city that hosted our event and our community. Xero was so thrilled that Chris and Brash Coffee made the connection for us.

“These kids are a part of our community,” he said. “They are so capable but little understood. Connections School of Atlanta connect these kids to the communities they live in and to each other and their families.”

At Xero, we’re a bit passionate about the value of community. Just ask our Americas’ President, Keri Gohman.

“It’s not just about providing great education or conceptualizing what the future might look like,” Keri explains. “It’s also about working together, sharing best practices, helping each other along the journey. And doing it together – not going it alone.”

Our thanks to Brash Coffee for being such a great part of Xerocon Atlanta and for helping to further strengthen the Atlanta community.

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