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Xero, Stripe and Microsoft partner to make payments as easy as an email

Posted 4 years ago in Xero news by Craig Walker
Posted by Craig Walker

Your customers using Microsoft Outlook will soon be able to pay their Xero invoices straight from their email inbox.

Leveraging our relationships with Microsoft and Stripe, invoice emails sent from Xero to Outlook accounts can be paid with just a few clicks, using credit or debit cards saved to your customer’s Microsoft account.

When your customer receives your invoice, the invoice details are presented within a new interactive card in Outlook. After reviewing the information, the Outlook user can choose to pay the invoice using their method of choice saved in Microsoft Pay.

This capability will begin rolling out to a limited number of Outlook.com customers in the US over the next few weeks with a broader release in the coming months.

Your customer will simply click “Review and pay,” choose the card to make the payment, and click “Confirm” to pay.  If they don’t yet have a card on their Microsoft Pay account, they can add one on the fly.

Stripe charges the chosen card, and voilà, the invoice is paid.

Since the charge is made through Stripe, the payment experience leverages Xero’s deep integration with Stripe. Processing fees are automatically accounted for, and all Stripe transactions are automatically matched against the right payout for easy reconciliation.

Best of all, there is no additional onboarding for a Xero user to offer this payment experience to their customers. The outgoing invoice simply needs to have Stripe attached as a payment service.

Payments in Outlook is a first-rate experience for your customers. And it helps you get paid faster.

Learn more about how you can accept invoice payments using Stripe.

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