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Xero for Mobile: The latest round-up for iOS and Android

Posted 5 years ago in Product by Joel Hanna
Posted by Joel Hanna

It’s about time for another mobile round-up! The mobile team has been hard at work. With that come a number of great releases that make it that much easier to manage your business on the go, from anywhere. This month, we’re all about keeping your purchasing related activity in one place. So we’ve made a number of improvements to invoicing, bills and quotes, and a few additional updates that’ll come in handy on the go.

A better view of any purchasing activity

Goodbye Receipts tab, hello Purchases! Don’t panic – everything receipts is still there. But we wanted to make it easier for you to keep all of your purchasing related activity in one place. So, the tab now recognises the addition of Bills to pay, Recent spending and a view of Expenses Claims to the tab; helping you stay on top of your spending.

Bills and quotes just got better

Stay on top of your bills on the go with updates to iOS and Android that allow you to manage your bills from anywhere. We’ve made Bills more complete by adding the ability to view unpaid bills on mobile. Check out the bill summary under ‘Sales and purchases’ to see a list of your outstanding bills. See what bills you no longer need to worry about, which need paying and when they’re due; so you can easily be in control of your money going out.

See when a quote was viewed

We haven’t forgotten about quotes. You now have visibility of when a quote has been viewed by a customer of yours. Your ‘sent’ quotes will display a ‘viewed’ label, so it’s easy for you to know where your quotes are at, what to expect next or whom to give a nudge to look review a quote.

Quote search (iOS)

We know that sometimes you need to find what you’re looking for in a hurry, so we’ve added a search capability in to the Quotes area on iOS.

Get your invoices and quotes out the door faster

Manage contacts from an invoice or quote on Android

You can now view and manage contact details without leaving an invoice or quote by tapping on a contact name. It’s easier and faster to edit contacts on the fly as you’re in the middle of invoicing or sending out a quote.

Copy invoice details on iOS and Android

With this latest mobile release, you can copy invoices (excluding drafts), so it’s easy to copy details over to a new invoice without having to replicate any entries; the date defaults to today’s date. Save yourself some time and effort.

Copy quotes details on iOS

The same as the above is now available for quotes on iOS. You can copy over a quote and therefore minimise duplicate efforts. You can expect this release to drop for Android shortly.

Invoice your way and get paid faster

This one’s for you and your customers. With this latest release, you are able to share invoices from your preferred app on iOS and Android. You can send invoices from your mobile via the app that works for both of you; which may not necessarily be via email. Many small businesses find themselves communicating with customers through a variety of apps, some of you might prefer Facebook and other social platforms to keep in touch on things.

So get your invoices in front of your customer’s eyes quicker. The ability to send invoices this way reflects flexibility in communication and helps you get paid faster by meeting your customer’s communication needs.

Sales account suggestions for Invoices (iOS)

With this latest machine learning release for mobile, you no longer need to code your invoices on iOS. Your personal assistant does the coding for you behind the scenes. The machine learning model gets to know your invoice coding behaviors. It notes any mistakes recognised by your accountant or bookkeeper, and includes corrections. Suggestions and predictions are all based on previous learnings, and you can trust that it’s done right.

Email Template Selection (for iOS)

Good news for anyone who likes using custom email templates on Xero web. You can now use the same templates on your iOS mobile too. As you send an invoice or a quote, select a different email template from the available list and the subject and message body will be updated according to your chosen template.

And a few more updates for mobile

Password manager support (iOS)

If you use a Password Manager, such as1Password or LastPass then from the Xero login screen you will be able to pre-fill your Xero login details into the login fields on your iOS mobile, very nice!

New folder picker for files (iOS)

We’ve changed the way you interact with files in Xero on iOS, just to make it a whole lot easier.

File renaming (iOS)

With this iOS release, you can now rename your files from your mobile device by tapping ‘Options’, then tapping ‘Rename’. Make life a little easier for yourself on mobile and get things done quicker. Keep an eye on our blog for more updates for mobile and check out the monthly product update blog in the meantime for any recent enhancements!

Keep an eye on our blog for more updates for mobile and check out the monthly product update blog in the meantime for any recent enhancements!


Anthony Wardley
May 11, 2018 at 2.23 pm

Love the 1Password support, thanks. However, 1Password generates the 6 digit 2FA code and automatically copies it to the clipboard after prefilling the email address and password but I don’t seem to be able to paste it into the app area for the code?

Simon D'Odorico
May 17, 2018 at 1.28 pm

Hi Anthony,
Thanks for your comment and glad to hear that you’re finding the 1Password support helpful. We have been able to replicate this issue you’re experiencing where your one-time password is not being prepopulated into Xero after your email & password is prefilled. The issue has now been logged and we will investigate getting it resolved soon, a simple workaround is to switch screens and then return back to the Xero app where your one-time password will paste. Hope that helps!

Will S
May 18, 2018 at 10.05 pm

Great updates.

Is there an update coming to the mobile app so that I can submit receipts that are in foreign currency? This is a pain at the moment.

Simon D'Odorico
May 24, 2018 at 10.41 am

Hi Will,

Thanks for your feedback. We are currently letting some of our users try out the new Expenses limited release, this app supports the ability to create multi-currency expenses. You can request access by downloading the Xero Expenses mobile app on your mobile device (iOS and Android).

July 21, 2018 at 5.22 am

What about entering bills?
I would like to scan my receipt at point of purchase, enter the bill details and send.
This way I only have to reconcile and I’m up-to-date.

Entering bills in a big mass is PAINFUL!

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