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Tips to building a forward thinking practice

Posted 5 years ago in Advisors by Tiana Barns
Posted by Tiana Barns

Wienanto Tanuwidjaja (Win) is the founder and managing director of Logiframe, one of Xero’s gold partners in Indonesia. After a few years of working for a big consulting firm, he decided to make his entrepreneurial dream a reality by opening his own practice. Three years later, the team has reached gold status and are now eyeing up platinum.

We asked Win to share his top tips for building a forward-thinking practice.

#1 Use the best technology

Making the most of time is crucial, and using reliable technology helps us do just that. Forty-five percent of our business relies on human capital and about forty percent depends on technology. It’s vital for us to have the right software in place to keep our business moving forward. Xero has helped our business to become more efficient, allowing us to spend more time on our clients.

About ninety percent of our clients are overseas companies or have a presence overseas. So the owners aren’t always easy to contact. But setting them up on Xero means we can work with them no matter where they are.

By using a modern accounting program, you can ensure more relevant, faster data which is less likely to have errors compared to manual processes. In addition, the reports are more useful, accurate and timely, at a lower cost.

#2 Know your clients needs

Over the past four years, I’ve got to know what my clients do and don’t need and I’ve shaped Logiframe’s services accordingly. I’ve found some small businesses don’t like to be charged hourly – they prefer to pay a set amount. So we set the pricing and manage the hours internally to suit them.

We’ve found that business owners in Indonesia want more than just accounting – that’s why we offer a number of services. We’ve expanded our firm so now we help with advisory services, enterprise technology solutions, inventory management and finance and accounting outsourcing. We provide an end-to-end solution for our clients, taking care of anything they need.

#3 Team building

It’s important to constantly evaluate the productivity of your employees. When you and your team have the same ideas and visions, everyone is engaged and motivated to be more productive.

The most important thing you should look at is how to keep your team happy by appreciating their performance and by utilizing our knowledge management tools. If you value your team as your most important resource, you need to listen to their ideas, career goals and what they say about their training needs.

#4 Set goals

Over the past three years we’ve achieved many goals, such as getting our presence in Indonesia as a Xero gold partner. We’ve also integrated our business with advisors, outsourced our technology and built a strong, unified team. By staying committed to our company’s philosophy – to inspire the world to run and execute better, and to improve people’s lives – we hope to become Indonesia’s first platinum partner.

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