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Our accounting partners share how they’re celebrating the end of tax season

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It’s the most wonderful time of year. But it isn’t visions of sugar plums we’ve got dancing in our heads, rather, it’s the end of tax season. The days of deadlines and late nights are behind us for another year, which is cause for celebration in our books! We asked a few of our accounting partners what they’ve got planned the day after tax season officially ends.

Stephanie Holt, Consulting Guru – Cloud Accounting & Consulting

“I am very excited to be going on a school field trip with my son, it is an ecological shrimp tour – boating, fresh salty air and sunshine!”

Lior Zehtser, Partner – ConnectCPA

“April 30 is last day of tax season in Canada. On May 1, I am going to wake up at a time that isn’t dictated by my alarm clock. I won’t be scrambling to rush out the door and will then go for a slow breakfast with my wife and daughter. But on May 2, the alarm clock is back.”

Jason Ackerman, CPA – BNA CPAs & Advisors

“I’m going to sleep and wake up later in the day to eat crepes.”

David Emmerman, Partner – Emmerman Boyle & Associates

“After I stop walking around the house trying to figure out which tax returns I need to work on, first, I will go into the office for a couple of hours and get any of my staff who are in some lunch. Then, time to start debriefing on how the season went from an internal perspective.”

Bryan Cremeen, Partner – AccountSource

“I plan to have a surprise lunch with my son at his school. Then, off to dinner with my team and their families that evening to thank them for their tax season sacrifice.”

Whatever you’re doing to mark the end of tax season, we hope you have time to recharge, recover and reflect. Happy Tax Day!

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