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There’s an app for that: Go deep on app partners at Xerocon Atlanta

Posted 3 years ago in Advisors by Beeny Atherton
Posted by Beeny Atherton

Xerocon Atlanta is right around the corner and we are incredibly excited about the breadth and depth of our 30 app partners exhibiting at this year’s event. Ranging from payments to practice management, Xerocon presents a unique opportunity for you to connect live with our banking and app partners. Discover the possibilities and solve business problems all in one place.  

Know before you go: invest in prep

Xerocon is rich with information and learning opportunities, so it’s best to come prepared with a plan. Investing just an hour or two can be a game changer. First, spend some time with XeroHQ Explorer to quickly summarize the industries you are servicing and find the apps you are already using with your clients.

Next, consider any gaps in your workflow or topics you want to explore. Decide which topics are the most relevant to your practice so you can pick the pre-conference and breakout sessions that best meet your goals.

Dive deep at pre-conference and breakout sessions

Pre-con is a unique opportunity to devote an entire day to dive deep into specific areas. Are you thinking about implementing more technology in your own practice stack? Check out Owning Automation: Streamlining Your Bookkeeping Workflows, where you can learn how technology can automate your day to day for more efficiency. Are you ready to specialize? The Mobile Advisor is a great way to explore how to build your specialization and deliver business ecosystems for your clients with the power of iOS.

Xerocon breakout sessions offer content-rich engagements to help you focus on your next steps. In Unlock the Power of Working with Apps in Xero HQ, you will see the tech stack in action and realize the full power of a cloud practice. To go beyond the practice stack, join me for a moderated discussion with Kenji Kuramoto of Acuity Accounting and Will Lopez of AdvisorFi for a discussion about the best line of business tools for your clients.

Make it personal: Connect in the Exhibitor Hall

The Exhibitor Hall is the ideal venue to make connections and go deeper in your discovery of the solutions that can elevate your practice. All of the rich content combined with your preparation will give you a clear plan of the bank and app partners you want to meet. Do you have Amazon seller clients? Be sure to check out A2X and Webgility. Wondering what the big trends are in small business banking? Stop by Wells Fargo and Silicon Valley Bank.

The Exhibitor Hall is tailor-made for your personal journey to discovering the answers you need and the possibilities you have yet to consider. Take the time to get to know the people and solutions that can unlock potential in your firm and drive your personal objectives.

Make it happen!

We are thrilled to bring a great line up of content and partners to you in Atlanta. Do you have pro tips to share about making the most of the exhibitors? Please share in the comments below.

See you in Atlanta!