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Beautiful business moments that make it all worthwhile

Posted 2 years ago in Advisors by Rob Stone
Posted by Rob Stone

Long lists, late nights, strings of suppliers… running a business is rarely easy, and not always pretty. But as anyone who has worked in a small business knows, it comes with moments of beauty that make all the hard work worthwhile.  

Whether it’s a young entrepreneur seeing the first sale hit her account or a restaurateur reconciling invoices on his way to the morning markets, having the tools to turn confusion into confidence can make all the difference to a growing business. Clarity can help small business owners breathe easier, create more, do more.

And the best part? You already know all of this. Because accountants and bookkeepers are the people working alongside business owners day by day, shaping the systems and technology that create these moments that matter.

To me, that role and relationship is something worth celebrating, which is why I’m so excited to tell you all about our beautiful business campaign, and what it can do for you.  

When small business is beautiful business

From today, we’re taking to buildings, bus stops, trams and more across Australia to celebrate the moments in business when everything just works.

The role of accountants and bookkeepers is key to this story. For example, we recently chatted to business owner Sophie Andrews who owns bookkeeping firm The Accounts Studio as part of our upcoming campaign podcast series, based around solving small business pain points.

“I love business and I find talking to business owners fascinating,” she said. “A lot of the owners I speak to naturally get caught up in the day-to-day operational running of things. They find themselves pulled in so many different directions that it becomes hard to find the time or energy to focus on the financial side.

“When we can guide those people to easily identify, understand and care about even a few metrics in their business that make a massive impact to their profitability and cash flow, you see the moment of realisation: these numbers mean something. They become excited about what can be achieved by being across their figures and tweaking a few key drivers, and take proactive steps towards the business or life they want to create.”  

From bungles and blunders to moments of beauty

As we help more small businesses understand that they can work seamlessly with an adviser to turn confusion into confidence, I encourage you to spread this message closer to home amongst your own clients. Talk to the small business owners you work with – both those on Xero and those who are not – and discover where there are still frustrations that can be turned into special moments.

The launch of this campaign celebrating the potential of the Xero platform, combined with your expertise, makes this the ideal time to actively help more owners understand that small business can be beautiful business.

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