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Taking Pilates to new heights

Posted 3 weeks ago in Small business by Craig Hudson
Posted by Craig Hudson

There aren’t many people who enjoy being up before dawn, but today I was very glad to be one of those out and about as the sun rose. My destination was the top of the Sky Tower, where we were putting our words into action and supporting a Kiwi entrepreneur as she took her business to new heights. With our help, Phoebe Heyhoe, director of MatWorks Pilates, hosted a sunrise pilates session on the SkyWalk.

She took five-game souls through a routine with their toes gripping onto a small platform as their bodies hung above Auckland. It was spine-tingling, yet spectacular, to watch and a great testament to the guts of the participants.

It was also a very visual reminder that you don’t need to be tied to an office to run your business. One of our fundamental aims at Xero is to make doing business easy anywhere, at any time.

Phoebe embodies that with her approach. She recognised that time is the biggest barrier to Kiwis exercising*, as we struggle to cram everything into our busy lives. But advances in technology now bring restaurant food to our door, banking to our phones and entertainment on demand. Why not exercise?

Phoebe wanted to share her passion for pilates, but knew people were time-poor, which led to the birth of MatWorks – a mobile business that brings pilates wherever people need it, at work or at home – even on the SkyWalk at the top of the southern hemisphere’s highest tower.

MatWorks owner Phoebe Heyhoe

Now more than ever, businesses need to be nimble, adapt with change and go to where their customers are.

Bringing your services to customers is becoming more common and, with change happening so quickly, we at Xero understand small business owners need to know how their business is doing in real-time, rather than in a week’s time or longer. No matter where a business owner is, they can see exactly how they are tracking through Xero, send and chase invoices and keep the business running.

Phoebe found doing tax returns for MatWorks a nightmare every year, especially trying to keep track of all previous spending and receipts.

“My dad and brother encouraged me to get on board with Xero. It helps me track all my spending and my inventory, so I have so much less admin to manage on a daily basis.

“Moving to Xero has saved me eight hours of paperwork each week, which allows me to teach another five classes. It also saves me about 10 hours each quarter when I used to sort through my expenses and receipts for my tax return. Now I can do this on a weekly basis instead.

“It’s great because it’s freed up my time to think about the future of MatWorks and how to continue to grow outside Auckland. With the help of Xero, I’m able to see what I can afford and hired my first four instructors last year, with plans to expand to Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin this year,” says Heyhoe.

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*Data according to Sport NZ

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