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Xero Gold Partner Xendoo to feature on CNBC’s The Job Interview

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In an improving employment market where candidates have more choice, finding the right person for the job is becoming increasingly difficult. One of the most critical points of any hiring process is the job interview, where employers have a relatively brief window to gauge the suitability of a potential new hire.

At Xendoo, they know this all too well. A growing Xero Gold partner, when they were offered the opportunity to feature their all-important process on the premiere episode of CNBC’s The Job Interview, they jumped at the chance. We asked Xendoo co-founder, Lil Roberts, about the key traits she looks for when making a decision on a potential new-hire, and how the changing accounting technology landscape influences her selection process.

When interviewing a new candidate, what is the very first thing that you look for?

We interview for core values fit first, then a specific set of skills. When we look for skills, it is more of a 30,000-foot view instead of a task skill, like using a specific accounting tool. We want to know that they have strong attention to detail, know when to ask for help, and have the capacity to learn new systems. Critical thinking, a holistic business view, and willingness to embrace technology are additional key traits that we look for.

As a firm that exclusively runs on Xero, do you gauge their knowledge of the platform during the interview process?

Absolutely, we let the candidate know that they will be working in Xero, so we look to see if they have heard of it. It isn’t a requirement for a candidate to know how to use Xero, we just want to make sure that have the ability to learn it.

If a new-hire is not familiar with Xero, what is their on-boarding experience like?

Xero’s software and training program is so easy-to-use and intuitive that training an accountant or bookkeeper to use it is not a long, drawn out process. This gives us confidence that if we focus on hiring ‘A’ players than we don’t have to worry about a new-hire picking up the software tools we use.

What is the one piece of advice you would like to share with all of the would-be accounting and bookkeeping job seekers of the world?

Unlike years passed, today’s world is one in which all industries should lead with technology. Job seekers should not simply focus on one program, as they will most likely be exposed to a variety of applications and technology in their day-to-day work. Businesses that are successful will use technology in a greatly expanded role, leveraging it wherever there are opportunities to add efficiencies and to automate simple tasks. This adds value to clients and to the business. As a firm, we look to conduct technology reviews twice a year to identify new areas of opportunity to improve our business processes. A person’s capacity to adopt new technology is something that heavily factors into our hiring decisions.

Be sure to check out Xendoo on The Job Interview, premiering on November 8 at 10 pm EST on CNBC.

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