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Recruiting for hyper growth

Posted 3 years ago in Small business by Aiden Gray
Posted by Aiden Gray

Here in the UK, our Customer Experience team have been going from strength to strength as we experience a phase of hyper growth. Over the last 12 months in the UK we’ve grown from 52 Xeros to over 100.

Growing at an average of 6+ people each month it’s been important to be smart about our recruitment process and ensure that we are bringing in the right blend. Each new member of our team helps to build our culture.

For this reason we don’t outsource our recruitment and manage everything in house. Our awesome talent specialist Matt, mass screens candidates via CV checks and over the phone.

Striking a balance

We always pre-plan how many roles we are looking for and their start dates so we can assess the best way to approach recruiting for the positions in advance. For example if the intake is large, an assessment centre, careers evening or other innovative  recruitment ideas are used.

Our Team Leaders are the first people to meet candidates in person and we constantly review our interview process and questions with Matt & our PX team.

When we look at our interview questions, we are mindful to strike a nice balance. Everything is designed around the culture we have grown and the skills required for our roles.

We ensure our questions help demonstrate that candidates possess a belief in our values. It is these values, that make Xero the amazing place it is.

Xero is a family and it’s important for us to keep our culture alive. We believe that time invested in recruitment is time well spent as it can either make or break the business.


Humantelligence Inc
April 13, 2018 at 9.37 pm

For any of the organization, recruitment is the most important phase of employment. And I think AI based recruitment software is used find best talent for growth.

Victoria Armstrong
September 19, 2018 at 2.09 pm

Nice to see the team is going gangbusters over there Matt. Well done.

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