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A2X shares why Xerocon is a must-attend for app partners

Posted 6 years ago in Advisors by Xero
Posted by Xero

As Xerocon Austin inches closer we got in touch with some of our ecosystem partners who will be joining us in the Texas capital, and talked everything Xerocon and what they’re looking forward to at this year’s event.  Today, we hear from Ashley Schroder, Software Architect at A2X

This December the A2X team will be saddling up to head to Austin, Texas for Xerocon. This will be our second Xerocon as an exhibitor and we’re very excited to meet with clients, partners and accounting firms with clients selling on Amazon.

A2X is an accounting tool for Amazon sellers that makes it really easy to account for Amazon sales, fees, refunds and charges. Our largest user base, and most of our accounting partners are in the US, serving some of the 2 million Amazon sellers that sell on Amazon.com and Amazon.ca.

For our team the best part of Xerocon is the discussions with, and feedback from our clients and partners. We’re in communication constantly by email and video chat, but there’s really no substitute for sitting down in person to talk about new A2X features (and issues of course), future roadmap plans or pain points we can help with. Several A2X partners who specialize in ecommerce or Amazon accounting will be at Xerocon this year and we always enjoy having a catch-up with them.

Creating human connections is key

Owners of Catching Clouds, Patti and Scott Scharf, have been working with the A2X team since 2014. Over the years the two companies, A2X and Catching Clouds, have formed a team approach and have acquired an enormous amount of knowledge around the complexities of Amazon seller accounting and as a result, a true partnership has formed.

Working together always starts with building a relationship and these conferences provide the perfect platform for that to happen. As Scott says:

“It all starts with a relationship and this includes a professional relationship but more importantly getting to know the people we are working with. We have socialized together and have had many discussions on where the ecommerce space is going. It makes working with each other interesting and fun!”

Hiking and Product Enhancements

“Ashley and I have found Xerocons have given us the perfect opportunity to get to know one another. At Xerocon Denver we went on one of my favorite hikes and on it we planned out the product enhancements and chatted about our kids. We then introduced each other to a number of Xeros and accounting partners back at the conference. It really takes a team to keep tabs on Amazon and the significant funds that are flowing through our clients businesses. In every case, we are able to provide our clients more value and more efficiencies to our accounting practice with every meeting!!’

Such conferences also allow us to meet our new partners accounting firms who help Amazon marketplace seller clients. Often it is not until you have met in person that you truly understand the individuals you are working with and develop a rapport. Those emails and video calls post conference become far more relaxed and productive. On that note, we are really looking forward to meeting new partners Bookkeeper 360 for the first time, in person, at Xerocon, Austin.

A2X Integrations

A2X integrates heavily with Amazon APIs, and our software service runs in Google’s Cloud – so the presence of both Amazon and Google Cloud at the conference is a great chance for A2X to get time with their teams to talk about upcoming features and integration plans.

As well as introducing many new Amazon sellers and their accountants to A2X, a huge part of our presence at these conferences is to build on our relationship with our existing client base and industry partners. Roll on Xerocon Austin, Texas, 2017!!

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