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Announcing our first local Xero HQ app partner for Asia – HReasily

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At Xerocon Melbourne last month we announced the first Xero HQ platform integrations with a suite of nine App Partners, carefully chosen by our team to give you the tools you need to run your practice. We’re really happy to say we’re now connected with HReasily – our first Asia based app partner.

HReasily is a Singapore born-and-bred HR SaaS solutions platform, that helps users streamline their HR work processes including payroll, leave and claims.

By connecting Xero HQ to the HReasily app you will receive prompt alerts for payroll, CPF submission and deadline, and AIS submission and deadline.

Calling all Asia partners! What can Xero HQ do for you?

If you’re a current Xero Partner you may be using the tools available to you in My Xero Partner Edition, which many of you know as Green Xero. We’re constantly innovating to develop the best solutions for our partners and small business customers. This is why we launched Xero HQ, to give you even more tools to grow your practice.

We’ve designed the platform to help you manage your operations more efficiently and give you access to actionable information about your and your clients businesses.

You currently have the benefits of being able to access client billings, manage staff access, edit and publish report templates, and manage your advisor directory profile.

Xero HQ helps you do this and more.


Activity Feed:

Option to set up ‘alerts’ for individual client activity, to notify you of the items that need your attention. Everything from meeting sales tax deadlines to knowing how many bank lines need reconciling. The activity feed function means you no longer have to trawl through client files to prioritise your to-do list.


Keep all your clients information in one place – even those that aren’t already on Xero. Use this tool to group clients more strategically, and also conveniently record their contact and tax information.


We know that providing value add advisory services to your clients is the best way to invest in your relationships and sustainably grow your business. We’ve designed the Explorer function to help you look at which apps and banks your clients are using. This will help you better understand their needs. What apps are they using? Is there an app one client is using that would work well for another? And which apps could they be getting more out of?

Advisor Directory:

Finally, due to launch at the end of the year, the Advisor Directory function will allow you to choose how to market your own practice. Training events in our Singapore office have been a big hit with our partners. Join us again for information about how to use the Advisor Directory to position your practice to the relevant industries to help you connect with the right clients.

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