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Two new app integrations for Xero HQ to help fuel your practice

Posted 3 years ago in Product by Anna Curzon
Posted by Anna Curzon

A few weeks back at Xerocon Melbourne, we announced a thoughtfully curated set of apps that integrate directly into Xero HQ, to help Xero partners fuel their practices. Today, I’m on stage at Xerocon London to talk about some additional innovations for Xero HQ, including two new Xero HQ app partners, and a new feature called Xero HQ Ask, a game-changing way to communicate with your clients (whether they have Xero or not!) from right within Xero HQ.

With the age of cloud accounting well upon us, and the pending digital switchovers in a number of global regions including the UK, it’s more important than ever before that practices be well equipped for the digital world. We already know that practices that utilise apps make more revenue and are more successful than those that don’t. Through the Xero Global Benchmarking series, we looked closely at the digital tools our most successful partners are using in their practices. These include capabilities such as automating client proposals and payments, automating data extraction and file management, client communications and digital marketing, as well as financial forecasting and analysis.

We want to make that level of success available to all our Xero accountant and bookkeeper partners. So, since our announcement of the Xero HQ open practice platform last September, we’ve taken these insights, and we’ve worked closely with some amazing Xero HQ app partners. They’re helping provide the right solutions to help you build out some of those capabilities for your practice.

Here’s what we’ve got, so far:

  • Boma for self-drive marketing
  • Fathom to efficiently create forecasting reports
  • FUTRLI to provide future insights for a business
  • Hubdoc for automated financial documents (available in the United States, Canada & Australia)
  • NowInfinity to make corporate and trust compliance woes a thing of the past (available in Australia and New Zealand)
  • Practice Ignition to assist with client onboarding
  • Receipt Bank for more efficient bookkeeping
  • SuiteFiles to bring all client data and files into one place
  • Spotlight Reporting, to enable accountants and bookkeepers to see how clients are performing in a single view

We’re very excited to announce another two Xero HQ apps, Datamolino and Expensify, to be added to the Xero HQ suite of app integrations. Take a look at what these app partners have to say about the importance of their integration into Xero HQ.

Andrej Glezl, Datamolino,

“Xero HQ should be the first screen an advisor opens each morning. Having Datamolino as part of the activity feed in Xero HQ helps to keep the bookkeeping up to date. And you can do all sorts of magic if your data is up to date. Helping your clients with reporting, forecasting, getting a loan and keeping your finger on the pulse of a company to measure and improve their performance.”

Ryan Schaffer, Expensify

“We see integrating with Xero HQ as absolutely critical. Bookkeepers and accountants are spending an unspeakable amount of their time chasing clients for receipts manually, typing in expense information manually and rekeying that information into Xero manually.  Expensify takes processes that normally take days and cuts that time down to minutes.”

We’re thrilled to be able to announce these new integrations, and we have so much more planned for this space. So, keep a close eye on our Xero HQ apps as we look to keep helping you take your practice to the next level.

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