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SuiteFiles + Xero: A suite way to manage documents

Posted 5 years ago in Product by Guy Alexander
Posted by Guy Alexander

SuiteFiles is a cloud based document management system built on Microsoft’s Office 365 platform. Your files are available from any device with an internet connection, in the folder structure that you’re used to using. SuiteFiles also allows you to easily set up templates, share files, standardise folder structures and view email content all in one place. It’s the only document management system that integrates with Xero Practice Manager. And now the same integration is available to anyone using SuiteFiles and Xero HQ.

Here’s Andrew Sims, General Manager of SuiteFiles, to tell us a bit more about their Xero HQ integration – and how it’ll help your practice.

A bit about SuiteFiles

SuiteFiles is the only document management system that integrates with Xero Practice Manager. Accountants and bookkeepers looking to be 100 percent online need a document management option. SuiteFiles provides this, as well as adding a lot more added value than simple cloud storage options. With SuiteFiles accountants and bookkeepers can have a single repository of documents and emails – all information is in one place.

You’re also able to:

  • view documents from the XPM interface
  • create a standardised client folder structure in SuiteFiles, and trigger this when new clients are created in XPM
  • populate document and email templates with data from XPM
  • know that their data is being backed up if disaster strikes
  • share important information with colleagues

We originally launched our integration with Xero Practice Manager back in October 2013. This provided accountants with an option to use a fully fledged document management system in conjunction with XPM. In particular, when a new client is created in XPM, SuiteFiles creates a folder is created using a standardised structure, and templates (both documents and emails) can be pre-populated with data from XPM. This integration has worked extremely well for us and really helped us to grow in the accounting vertical.

Make your practice 100 percent cloud based with SuiteFiles

Before we created our Xero HQ integration, accountants felt SuiteFiles was only useful if they were using XPM. Now accountants not using XPM but using HQ can have the same integration as those using XPM. If the goal is to get accounting firms to be 100 percent cloud based then SuiteFiles is the best document management option. Any accountants looking to migrate from other accounting solutions to Xero, who might be concerned that there isn’t in built document management, now have the option to use SuiteFiles.

Get started today

We’ve built SuiteFiles to be the single source of truth for all documentation and the one place to do everything. We want to be the default document management option for accountants. Integration with HQ helps us towards this as it shows that we are tightly ingrained in the HQ ecosystem and forefront in people’s minds.

It’s nice and easy to get started with SuiteFiles if you’re a Xero partner. Simply go to www.suitefiles.com/trial and request a trial. Also, to find out more about how SuiteFiles integrates with Xero and Xero HQ visit them on our Xero app marketplace.

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