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Spotlight Reporting + Xero HQ: Shining a light on better business decisions

Posted 3 years ago in Apps by Guy Alexander
Posted by Guy Alexander

Spotlight Reporting is an integrated cloud reporting and forecasting tool that allows you to create insights for better business decisions. It’s designed by accountants, for accountants. Shed light on your client performance with easy reports and informative, quick-to-create dashboards as well as the brand-new Xero HQ integration.

We’ve invited Stephen Corbett, Marketing Manager at Spotlight Reporting, to tell you about their Xero HQ integration as well as how it’ll help your practice.

A bit about Spotlight Reporting

Spotlight Reporting offers accountants and business owners the opportunity to create easy, great-looking performance reports, dashboards, forecasts and consolidations. These are the reporting tools that accountants and bookkeepers need to become trusted advisors, earn new revenue streams, and do engaging work. Plus, it saves time and effort by using templated board and governance reports. Consequently they can focus on what really matters – driving successful business outcomes, growing fees and doing purposeful work.

Spotlight Reporting integrates directly with Xero via the Xero API, utilising data-streams to construct our reports, dashboards and forecasts. We have worked closely with the Xero team since the inception of the API. Xero’s design has flavoured our own, with a focus on ease of use, beautiful reports and pleasing usability.

Keeping across reporting requirements with Xero HQ

Our vision is to be an essential tool for every accountant around the globe to help transform their practice into advisory. Spotlight Reporting’s Xero HQ integration will mean greater efficiency and advanced practice management. Therefore they can focus on what matters – delivering value and insight for their own clients.

Spotlight alerts in the Xero HQ Activity Feed will help remind accountants to work on Spotlight reports or provide helpful product information. This will also help ensure reports are started and completed. This is of huge importance to your practice, as not starting or completing reports means lost revenue as well as a negative client experience.

Get started today

To connect your Spotlight Reporting account to your Xero HQ account, you need to authorise the Spotlight connection in Xero. This is an easy process and you should only have to do it once. Here’s our help centre article to get you started.

Integrate Spotlight Reporting to Xero HQ today to become more proactive, remind you to produce and also deliver kickass reports and to keep on top of industry templates. Find out more about how Spotlight integrates with Xero and Xero HQ. For more information on other Xero HQ app partners visit the Xero app marketplace.

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