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Receipt Bank + Xero HQ: Client data you can count on

Posted 3 years ago in Product by Guy Alexander
Posted by Guy Alexander

Receipt Bank is the easiest way for accountants and bookkeepers to get client data into Xero, with no chasing and no data entry. We asked Helena Wood, Head of Marketing at Receipt Bank, to tell you all about their Xero HQ integration – and how it’ll help your practice.

A bit about Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank gives accountants and bookkeepers the power to automate the manual, inefficient parts of their business. Not only does this give them more time to help their clients, but it gives them the data they need to do it.

Receipt Bank makes it easy for clients to submit data via our award-winning app or email, and our smart AI technology extracts the key data quickly and accurately. All the accountant or bookkeeper needs to do is publish to Xero.

Thanks to the Xero ecosystem, accurate, real time business data is now more essential than ever. Accountants and bookkeepers can use this data to add more value for their clients, branching out into new services and giving their clients the advice they need to succeed.

Get the data you need, when you need it

Receipt Bank is the essential first stage in the accounting process. We’re the foundation on which the success of the accountant or bookkeeper rests. We provide information certainty, as well as the time to do more for clients and embrace the possibilities of the cloud. Receipt Bank was one of the first apps to integrate with Xero, and we are now Xero’s largest app partner with over 5000 accountants and bookkeepers using our software. We are also a Xero community favourite, winning Add-On of the year five times, and we have more reviews than any other app in the Xero community.

Our partnership with Xero has been a huge success. We’ve made it easier for partners to add more clients to Xero, and Xero’s API helps us create a seamless, simple solution.

Accountants and bookkeepers can’t work without the right data from their clients. Our integration with Xero HQ makes sure partners are on top of their bookkeeping at all times, with Receipt Bank alerts in the Xero HQ Activity Feed to monitor every part of the process efficiently and effectively.

Simple, effective alerts

Receipt Bank has created a range of bespoke notifications that push through to Xero HQ, so that you’re always up to date. You can also choose what notifications to view when you want, so you’re never bombarded.

Client delay

This alert is triggered when an item is submitted that is more than three months old. The action takes you to the item in question so it can be published across to Xero, or send an item message.

Inbox milestone

This alert is sent when the client inbox exceeds more than 100 items. The action takes you to the client inbox in Receipt Bank, specifically the “Ready to export” tab, so that you can easily start publishing items to Xero. Once an alert is triggered, no new alert will be sent for this client for another seven days.

Xero Match

This alert is sent daily, and shows you the total number of Xero match items that are waiting for review in the client inbox. The action takes you straight to the inbox, allowing you to quickly publish all these items straight to Xero. Once triggered, this alert will not be triggered again for seven days.

Outstanding workload

This alert is triggered when the “Outstanding workload” metric in Practice Platform exceeds the threshold of 10 hours for a client. The action takes the Partner to the “Client overview” page, so that they can easily focus on the clients that need the most attention. Once an alert is triggered, no new alert will be sent for this client for another seven days.

If you use the all-in-one bookkeeping dashboard, Practice Platform, you also get access to two extra notifications.

Inbox age

This alert can only be triggered when a client has submitted an item within the last three months, but you haven’t published any items within the last three months. The action takes you to the client inbox, immediately identifying which clients you need to prioritise.

Item message

This alert is triggered when a client user responds to an item message you’ve sent. The action takes you to the message thread within the item, allowing you to reply there and then.

Get started today

Connecting Xero HQ and Receipt Bank is easy.

  1. Go to Account Settings in the Practice Management area.
  2. Click ‘Account details’.
  3. Scroll down and select ‘Integrate with Xero HQ’.
  4. Follow onscreen instructions and login to Xero account.

We anticipate Receipt Bank will be the cornerstone solution for every accountant and bookkeeper to collect all their clients’ financial information. Automating this time-consuming manual process will allow financial professionals to focus on more important work. This will enable them to increase their efficiency and profitability as well as future-proofing the profession.

Integrating Receipt Bank with Xero HQ helps give you peace of mind in these essential systems. It also gives you the ability to catch issues before they turn into problems. Find out more about how Receipt Bank integrates with Xero and Xero HQ. For more information on other Xero HQ app partners visit the Xero app marketplace.

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