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Practice Ignition + Xero: Reimagine your practice

Posted 6 years ago in Advisors by Guy Alexander
Posted by Guy Alexander

Practice Ignition is a system that allows forward-thinking accountants and bookkeepers to use digitally signed proposals to onboard clients, process payments, automatically raise invoices, and deploy workflow. It’s everything a modern, cloud-based digital practice needs to grow and scale. With Practice Ignition’s new Xero HQ integration, there are now endless opportunities for Xero partners looking to create true cloud efficiencies. We asked Guy Pearson, CEO of Practice Ignition, to explain some of the specifics on how the new integration can help your practice.

A bit about Practice Ignition

Practice Ignition is an automated cloud workflow for growing accounting firms. It allows Xero partners to automate their receivables by automatically raising invoices, marking them as sent or paid as soon as a proposal has been accepted inside in the platform. Practice Ignition then deploys the work, job and tasks directly into Xero Practice Manager. This gives Xero partners the ability to streamline their processes and remove the extra-work element.

“Smart accountants and bookkeeping firms use Practice Ignition to sign more clients, improve cash flow, streamline client onboarding and forecast their company’s success,” says Guy.

“In a nutshell, Practice Ignition automates client engagement. Nine out of ten accounting and bookkeeping partners are using a mixture of Word documents, P&L reports and relying on customers to do the right thing and pay them on time. Practice Ignition solves this problem. It’s the perfect solution for all Xero partners looking to automate their on boarding and billing processes.”

Xero HQ and Practice Ignition: A game changer for Xero partners running true cloud practice management

Having Practice Ignition integrated into Xero HQ allows Xero partners to keep their fingers on the pulse. Xero Partners can see what is going on with all of their proposals and are also kept in the loop when something goes wrong with a failed payment or an expiring credit card. Practice Ignition pushes all of these notifications into Xero HQ, giving Xero Partners full view of what is happening at any point in time.

Practice Ignition is designed to remove the communication barriers between a Xero partner and their client. The future for Practice Ignition is to build out more functionalities that allow partners to better communicate with clients, in a variety of different ways. We want Xero partners to be able to make decisions and take action as soon as an event occurs.

You can get started straight away

It’s really easy – and free, to get started with Practice Ignition and Xero HQ if you’re a Xero partner. If you already use Practice Ignition, just go to “Apps” in your Practice Ignition dashboard, click on Xero HQ, and follow the steps to get connected.

If you’re new to Practice Ignition, head to the Practice Ignition website to check it out and get started today. You can also click here to learn more about the other Xero HQ app integrations.

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