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What’s new in our app marketplace

Posted 3 years ago in Apps by Nick Houldsworth

From CRM to expense management apps, say hello to the exciting newcomers to Xero’s app marketplace.

BriteBiz – CRM

BriteBiz is advanced CRM,  Sales and Workflow Management Software app that connects seamlessly to Xero. Revolutionise your sales and accounts with our two way Xero sync. It’s simple, beautiful and powerful.

Available: Globally

Curve – Expenses + Accounting

Spend from any of your accounts with just one card. Automatically send transactions & receipts to Xero as you pay. Less time on admin, more time for your business. Curve is helping small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to be smarter with their money. Transform your wallet full of cards and receipts into just one card that talks directly to Xero. Submit expenses automatically as you pay. Get instant reminders any time you make a purchase. Store your receipts safely in the cloud, for peace of mind. This is expenses how it should be: effortless.

Available: UK, Europe

Basecone – Accounting/Bills + Expenses

Basecone is the new standard for processing invoices and receipts into Xero. It means no more manual entry work or lost invoices and receipts, so you can put more time and energy into your business. Upload, process and approve invoices and expenses easily, seamless integrated with Xero.

Available:UK, Ireland

Expend – Expenses + Accounting

It’s the automated expenses and smart payment card solution that makes managing company spending easy, with instant and accurate expense data. Expend offers a set and forget, real-time integration with Xero. Simply pay with an Expend card and we do the rest.


GoProposal – Accounting

GoProposal automates the entire signup and fee review process. It’s a fully integrated pricing and proposal tool, that allows progressive accountancy firms to agree fees, produce stunning proposals, auto-generate the Letter of Engagement, sign-up the client and generate the invoice in Xero… all in under three minutes.

Available: Globally

Fivetran – Reporting

Fivetran builds technology to help analysts connect data to their warehouse. With Fivetran it’s possible for companies of any size to gain the benefits of centralized data. Our connectors bring data from applications and databases into your warehouse, enabling analysts to unlock profound insights about their business.

Available: Globally

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