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Xero Global Release Update September 2017

Posted 6 years ago in Product by Aqua Delaney
Posted by Aqua Delaney

That’s a wrap for September. Check out the latest product releases for small businesses and partners, plus a glimpse of what’s coming out soon.

Don’t forget, Xero changes and release updates can be found over in the Help Centre.

Released September ’17

  • Xero Projects
  • Xero HQ Apps
  • Create bank rules
  • Drag & drop for iOS iPad
  • Android login update
  • Account code suggestions for bills
  • Report switcher
  • Account Transaction Report Template

UK Payroll update

Last month we released the ability to calculate statutory leave for paternity and adoption for any employee through the ‘Time off’ section of Payroll.As with Sick & Maternity leave (launched earlier this year), Xero will do all the background checks and calculations for you. If the leave is entitled, it will add the relevant pay items to the pay run with the appropriate amount to be paid automatically. This should be a great time saver – you won’t need to manually calculate the right pay any more.

There’s lots of exciting things in the pipeline, here’s a peek at what’s up next.

Up next – 90-day window

  • Xero HQ – your new practice experience
  • Ask in Xero HQ
  • Indirect statement of cash flows (US and Singapore)
  • Create & revise a quote (iOS)
  • Worldpay in Xero (United Kingdom & Ireland)
  • Find & Recode enhancements
  • Attach files to quotes (Android)

Xero Projects

Whether you’re a small business, or an accountant working with one, it’s important to know which jobs deliver the best return on investment, and which need to be reined in. Cue Xero Projects: a simple way to capture, track and report on the time and money spent on each job so you can proactively invoice, make informed decisions and manage your business more efficiently.

Projects focuses on the financial side of project management and is best suited to small service industries with simple job tracking needs.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and clunky software and get everything you need to manage your project’s financials with one Xero login. Projects is currently available to Xero Partners and their clients at no extra charge for a limited time. Find everything you need to know over on our blog.

Xero HQ – now with apps

From clever marketing and reporting, to more efficient document collection and management, we’ve curated nine third-party apps to seamlessly integrate with Xero HQ. We’ve handpicked these solutions based on benchmarking studies and talking to accountants and bookkeepers just like you – we know they’ll make a real difference to your practice and the service you can offer your clients.

Learn more about these wonderful apps and what they can do for you over on our blog.

Xero HQ – staff certifications

Last month we released the new staff feature in Xero HQ. Available to all practice principals and administrators staff in Xero HQ makes it easy to manage staff permissions to clients in Xero HQ and their Xero organisations.

We’re pleased to announce that we have released a further enhancement meaning that you now have full visibility over each staff member’s certification, the status and expiry and the education credits they are holding. This has been a massively requested feature and we’re excited to have this available to all users with staff access now. Read more on help.

Create bank rules

There’s been loads of votes in our community so we’re excited to let you know that you can now create a bank rule to transfer money between bank accounts. So the next time you do a bank transfer between two accounts in your Xero, we’ll match the transactions and automatically code for you. All you have to do is hit ‘OK’ and move on to the next task.

Drag & drop for iOS iPad

Forget hunting through holiday snaps or endless email threads when you need to attach a file. Simply hold on an image or file in another app on your iPad, then drag and drop into your Xero app. Hooray, all your business stuff ready in your file library when you need it.

Download iOS11 and give it a whirl!

Android login update

Xero for Android just got smarter.  We now trust your Android’s security credentials so you can unlock your device and jump straight into the Xero app without having to enter your Xero login details.

If you use pattern, security pin or fingerprint to unlock your Android device, you won’t need to use a password, security pin or fingerprint for your Xero for Android login. Don’t worry, if your device isn’t secured, your clever app won’t give you this option.

Check out the Android round-up for all the details plus more time-saving improvements.

September product update

Account code suggestions for bills

Introducing account code suggestions for bills, another step on our mission to take the accounting out of your accounting. Just like invoices, Xero learns how you categorises bills then, once you’ve entered more than 150, automatically pre-selects the account code for every bill line. Voila, you don’t have to think! Check out the full story over on our blog.

September product update

Report switcher

Zoom through your updates in one go and move onto your next task quicker, with the super handy report switcher. Now you can easily switch between different reports without needing to leave the layout editor, or switching back to the output view. Rest easy,  we’ve also introduced ‘auto-save’ so you’ll never lose your work in a template again.

Account Transaction Report Template

We’ve added Xero’s most flexible report to your templates. From shareholder drawings, to detailed sales reports, there’s a multitude of ways to create professional, customised Transaction Reports to suit your clients. This blog has some great ideas to get you started, then jump into the Reports tab in either My Xero Partner Edition or Xero HQ to create your own.

90-day window – what’s coming

Xero HQ – your new practice experience

From October 24 we will be switching all practice users across to Xero HQ as the default login experience. This means Xero HQ will become the first place to manage your clients and staff, produce reports, view activity and insights, and edit your practice details. My Xero Partner Edition will still be available to access the clients and staff features but not as a default login environment.

Ask in Xero HQ

Getting all the information you need from your clients to complete your compliance work isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve built “Ask” within Xero HQ to streamline the process of information collection.

Very soon, accountants and bookkeepers will be able to request and receive information from all their clients right within Xero HQ. This will reduce the need to employ various mailing questionnaires, emails, phone calls and meetings typically employed to extract information. Learn how it all works over here.

Indirect statement of cash flows (US and Singapore)

Soon you’ll be able to move accounts into and out of the Cash Balances group in the Direct Statement of Cash Flows. You’ll find a new Indirect Statement of Cash Flows report as well as multi-currency in both the Direct and Indirect Statement of Cash Flows reports.

Create & revise a quote (iOS)

A quick, professional follow up will help you win more business and, pretty soon, you’ll be able to create and edit quotes on the spot. We know you’ve been hanging out for this one so, sit tight, we’re working hard to get it out the door.

Worldpay in Xero (United Kingdom & Ireland)

Taking online payments reduces the time it takes for you to get paid. We’re soon adding Worldpay as a payment option for your customers in Xero, making it even easier for you to engage securely and seamlessly.

Find & recode enhancements

Soon, cleaning up your account in Xero will be much easier with the upcoming Find & Recode improvement. You’ll be able to easily recode manual journals and search for transactions by bank account, invoice number or the reference. Hooray, more time  back in the bank for you!

Attach files to quotes (Android)

Coming up soon, you’ll be able to attach files to a quote making quotes on mobile fit more seamlessly into your workflow . Simply start your quote on site, take a few photos or upload documents, then flick it to your potential customer. Voila! Accurate, professional, job-winning quotes from anywhere.

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