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FUTRLI + Xero: All in one forecasting, reporting & alerts

Posted 3 years ago in Product by Guy Alexander
Posted by Guy Alexander

FUTRLI is all-in-one forecasting and reporting for business owners and accountants. Create simple or detailed cash flow forecasts, real-time bespoke dashboards, and for more traditional reporting make re-usable beautiful PDF reports for your board or clients. We asked Helen Cockle, FUTRLI’s Chief Revenue Officer, to talk about the ways that FUTRLI and Xero HQ can help your accounting or bookkeeping practice.

A bit about FUTRLI

To truly provide value, advisors need to help clients understand the future – and this is now easier than ever before. Thanks to Xero having revolutionised cloud accounting, and with traditional accounting roles being automated, firms are now able to engage in advisory services with more of their clients. FUTRLI unlocks the same efficiencies for advisory services that Xero enables for bookkeeping and accounting processes. Advisory used to be, by necessity, Excel-based, time-consuming and difficult to scale. With FUTRLI, it’s fast, flexible and effective, both for the client and your practice.

The transition to offering advice at scale can be challenging. Firms are busy, and it requires strategic planning and often additional training, especially at the junior level. That’s why FUTRLI is not just about software. Over the last three years, we’ve witnessed the market’s need for a comprehensive step-by-step guide to scaling advisory services within your practice.

We’ve pooled together our commercial knowledge with that of CPAs and CIMAs to produce FUTRLI’s fully CPD accredited advisory programme.

It’s not just software training. Sure, you’ll be a FUTRLI expert by the end of it, but it’s also got the contextual knowledge that must accompany training of this type: how to price effectively, soft skills, sales training, scaling internally, scaling externally, marketing strategy, and more. It’s very comprehensive, and it’s working well – in the first three months we’ve registered over 1,000 of our accounting partners.

FUTRLI and Xero HQ integration

Alerts (email and in-app notifications) are an integral part of FUTRLI’s core functionality. These important success or warning triggers feed seamlessly into Xero HQ, which means making the transition to offering advisory services is easier than ever before. When the data changes, you, your team, or your clients can be alerted to any change you deem to be significant.

There is also an alerts dashboard in FUTRLI that expedites your workflow by prioritising the figures that need immediate attention. Along with the direct feed into HQ, this makes the level of client monitoring from a business operational perspective second to none. You can also click through from Xero HQ straight to FUTRLI to see any triggered report, giving you the option to make immediate contact with your client, do further investigation within FUTRLI, or use the report as a basis for your next meeting.

Get started

If you have a FUTRLI and Xero account you can get started immediately – here’s the article on how. If you’re not currently a FUTRLI partner, visit to get started! You can also find FUTRLI on the Xero HQ app marketplace here.

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