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What Xerocon London means to me | Nathan Keeley

Posted 3 years ago in Advisors by Erin Smith
Posted by Erin Smith

As Xerocon London inches closer we got in touch with some of last year’s award winners to talk everything Xerocon and why they continue to go year after year.

Nathan is partner at MHA Carpenter Box. The 2016 winner of Xero’s UK Accounting Partner of the Year shares why he is looking forward to Xerocon again this year.

What do you enjoy about Xerocon overall?

I’ve been to every single Xerocon in the UK so far, and enjoyed seeing a lot of change in that time. It started off with a few hundred accountants and bookkeepers in one room, and now there will be a few thousand people. I went on my own originally – this year, around 10 of us from the team are going.

The add-ons and apps have also evolved over time – in fact the entire ecosystem is bigger than ever and the exhibitors have varied each year to reflect this growth.

Yet while it’s grown every year, it’s always been held in a great venue from the start! This year it’s at ExCeL, before that it was at Battersea Evolution and then there was the Billingsgate Fish Markets. Xerocon always has a very different feel to Accountex UK and other more traditional events.

Lastly, I like that I get to catch up with my peers face to face. It’s a great place to catch up with others in one place, without having to travel long distances to see each person.

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had there?

Last year we won UK Accounting Partner of the Year. That was far and away the best experience I’ve had at Xerocon!

How has winning an award at Xerocon helped your business?

Although we worked really hard on our application – we spent days on it – it was still a shock when we won! It was a great reflection of the hard work and success of our cloud team, and a fantastic profile builder for us. We showcased our win on our website and in our email signatures, and it was really good for PR too. Local business articles featured us and our LinkedIn profiles benefited as well!

What are you most looking forward to at Xerocon 2017?

I always look forward to hearing the speakers, but I’m also really keen to see what new apps are there. We are developing our own integration app, so we’re excited to learn a bit more about the exhibition side of Xerocon. We’re looking forward to launching it soon!

Finally, I’m looking forward to learning what the roadmap and future vision is for Xero. The Managing Director Gary Turner is always engaging when he summarises the state of the industry and what’s happening outside of it. And the after party is always quite entertaining!

Xerocon London will be at ExCeL London, 4-5 October. Register for tickets today.

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