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Fathom + Xero: Reporting, done right

Posted 3 years ago in Apps by Guy Alexander
Posted by Guy Alexander

Fathom is a fast, flexible way to create beautiful management reports – and it integrates directly with Xero HQ. We invited David Watson, Fathom co-founder, to tell us a bit more about their Xero HQ integration, and how it’ll help accountants and bookkeepers.

A bit about Fathom

Fathom first integrated with Xero in 2012. It works by automatically syncing with Xero each day, and it integrates with Xero to create beautiful management reports and to deliver timely business insights. These insights help to track profit, cash flow, growth and other key performance indicators. For groups of companies, Fathom also assists with benchmarking and consolidations. It’s specifically designed for accountants and bookkeepers who are seeking to deliver more frequent and more engaging advisory and management reporting services.

Streamlined advisory workflows for accountants and bookkeepers

Our aim with the Xero HQ integration is to streamline advisory workflows. The way it works is, reports designed in Fathom can now be scheduled for issue after the end of each month or quarter (or at any other point in time). When published, links to these reports are automatically surfaced in the Xero HQ Activity Feed. Upon seeing a notification, advisers can quickly access and review a report. Then if required they can add final commentary or make other changes. Finally with a single click, they can approve a report for sharing with the client(s).

Any activity on a report – for example, if a client comments on a specific chart – will also trigger an alert in Xero HQ. This integration means both the client and advisor can collaborate with greater ease than ever before.

Make management reports more meaningful

Our mission at Fathom is to help advisers to put meaningful management reports into the hands of more of their clients, faster. The integration between Xero HQ and Fathom further streamlines the entire reporting process, from report creation to delivery and everything between.

You can get started straight away

It’s really easy to get started with our Xero HQ integration if you’re a Xero partner who’s using Fathom already. Just follow a few simple steps. From within your Fathom account, go to Organisation Settings, then select Connect to Xero HQ.  After authorising this integration, important notifications from Fathom will start appearing in the Xero HQ Activity feed. You can use this feed to manage and customise your needs.

If you don’t yet have Fathom, sign-up for a free trial today – we reckon you’ll love it.

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