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Xero Global Release Update July 2017

Posted 12 months ago in Product by Ann-Lisa Niemann

Curious about what’s new in Xero? Have a read of July’s product releases and get a glimpse of what’s coming out soon. We’d love to be able to share more with you, but some things will need to remain a surprise to come. Remember, you can find all changes and release updates to Xero in the Help Centre. Another great place to keep up to date with recent releases is our feature timeline.

Released July ’17:

  • Fixed assets – Disposal accounts
  • Xero subscription navigation
  • Banking in Explorer for Xero HQ

Mobile updates

Xero for iOS

  • Cash flow graph on the Dashboard
  • Spotlight Search for Xero contacts
  • Invoices usability improvements
  • Sales summary screen

Xero for Android

  • Account code suggestions on invoices
  • Search receipts & quotes

90 Day Window – What’s Coming

  • Xero HQ Report Templates
  • Office 365 add-in for Xero HQ
  • Report switcher
  • Indirect statement of cash flows (US and Singapore)

Fixed assets – Disposal accounts

With the latest fixed assets release, we’ve opened up accounts on the disposal mode. From now on, you will be able to select any account except those that are system, inventory or bank accounts.

Xero subscription navigation

We’ve had some feedback from you that it’s too hard to get to your Xero subscription billing pages. And we’ve come back with a fix! You can now access Subscription with fewer clicks from the ‘Settings’ dropdown in the header.


Mobile updates

Xero for iOS


Cash flow graph on dashboard

You’ll notice a graph has been added to the main dashboard in your Xero mobile app. This shows your total cash in an out for the past four months. It’s a quick view of your business’s cash flow and helps you track your cash position on a monthly basis. To see the exact dollar amount of your cash flow position, simply tap on a month and you will be presented with a flyout showing total cash in, cash out and the difference. Read more about the release on the blog.


Spotlight Search

With the latest iOS release, your Xero contacts now show up in your device’s spotlight search. From any home screen, drag down to reveal the Spotlight search field. Type in a Xero contact you’re looking for and hit ‘search’. You can search for Xero contacts by:

  • Contact Name
  • Primary contact first / last name
  • Email
  • Phone numbers incl Skype
  • Address
  • Alternate address
  • Account number

The update works nicely in conjunction with the ability to add new invoices and receipts directly from a contact that was recently added. Find out more on our blog.

Invoices enhancements

Sometimes the little things add more niggle to your day. We’ve listened to your feedback and made a number of improvements to your iOS invoicing experience. Now, invoice details are always visible – saves you having to tap ‘show details’. ‘Add another item’ button is now hidden until the existing new line item has been populated. It’ll keep you from accidentally adding empty line items. And one more improvement – cancelling a new invoice now happens immediately, so you won’t be promoted to ‘discard’ changes anymore. We found that you don’t need this step.

Sales summary screen

We know that a key use for you of the mobile app is to monitor your business, so we’ve made sure the Sales tab gives you a quick overview of all your invoices and quotes, across all stages of the sales process. Read more about this release on the blog.

Xero for Android

Account code suggestions on Invoices

We’re introducing machine learning to Android with this release. When you add a new line item in an invoice, you’ll see a suggestion for the code pop up.

Search receipts & quotes

With the latest Android release, you’re now able to search for receipts and quotes on your mobile. You’ll notice a search icon in the toolbar when you tap the receipt or quotes tab. The same applies to quotes.

90 Day Window – What’s Coming

Report Templates are moving into Xero HQ

Report templates will soon be moving from My Xero Partner Edition to Xero HQ. This change is another step in bringing you a new practice experience as we move towards taking Xero HQ out of beta. Report templates will continue to operate and function just as they have within My Xero but now with the new Xero HQ header in place of My Xero. While Xero HQ is still in beta you will be able to access My Xero from the navigation menu.

Office 365 add-in for Xero HQ

We’re getting even closer. Users of Xero HQ and Microsoft Office 365 will soon be able to take advantage of the new Xero HQ add-in for Outlook on Office 365. This new integration, the first of it’s kind for Xero HQ, will enable Outlook users to save emails and their attachments directly to client notes within Xero HQ.

Indirect statement of cash flows (US and Singapore)

Soon you’ll have the ability to move accounts into and out of the Cash Balances group in the Direct Statement of Cash Flows. You’ll find a new Indirect Statement of Cash Flows report as well as multi-currency in both the Direct and Indirect Statement of Cash Flows reports.

Report switcher

With the new report switcher menu it’s super easy to switch between reports within a template. Now you no longer have to leave the layout editor, or go back to the output view. You can zoom through your updates in one go and move onto your next task quicker.

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