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Report templates: Now available in Xero HQ

Posted 3 years ago in Product by Neill Fraser
Posted by Neill Fraser

From today, report templates are now part of Xero HQ. This means that whether you access your templates from My Xero Partner Edition or Xero HQ you will now see the Xero HQ header when working with templates. You’ll have direct access to all the other great Xero HQ features like the activity feed, improved client experience and explorer.

And don’t worry, everything you knew and loved about report templates is still there in Xero HQ exactly as you left it! With this move, we’ve also made a few changes to improve your reporting workflow. Let’s take a look!

Making the report building process faster

Report templates are such a great tool for customising your client reports, but updating them one by one can become time consuming. Until now, reports had to be updated one at a time, involving large amounts of back and forth between pages, repeating the same steps.

Good news – this part of your day will now run smoother and faster, with the new report switcher menu. It’s super easy to switch between reports within a template because now you no longer have to leave the layout editor and go back to the output view. Zoom through your updates in one go and move onto your next task!

You’ll find the report switcher on the left hand side of the report you’re editing. From there simply select the report you wish to jump to and you’ll be taken to it immediately in the layout editor. You can jump around between reports like this and make all the changes you need. Once you’re finished making changes, click the Done button to have all your changes applied and go back to the output view.

Report switcher menu report templates

Auto-save is here!

Everyone knows that sinking feeling you get when you’ve been working on a document, presentation or report for a long time and then, poof – it’s gone! Maybe your web browser crashed, or the IT department forced an overnight update, or maybe you just accidentally closed the wrong tab. Whatever the reason, you’ve lost hours of work that you can’t easily reproduce.

unsaved changes dialog report templates

We’ve built some extra resilience into the layout editor so you’ll get that sinking feeling much less often when working with new financial reports. The layout editor now keeps a temporary copy of all your changes behind the scenes. If you have a crash or other mishap while you’re in the layout editor, the next time you open that report for editing, you’ll get the choice to recover your changes and resume editing where you left off. This works both for standalone reports and report templates. Just make sure you use the same computer to recover your changes as you were using when you lost them.

There’s always more

We recognise that report templates are a huge part of your practice workflow. With this functionality now in Xero HQ we’re continuing to focus on improving and evolving this tool. Next cab off the rank is the long awaited account transactions report and there is more to come in the months to follow so watch this space!

For existing partners – report templates are live in Xero HQ now. We are progressively releasing the new report switcher and auto-save to practices this month. Keep an eye out when working with your templates in Xero HQ. Click here to login to Report Templates within Xero HQ now.

Xero HQ is available free of charge to all Xero Partners, learn more about Xero HQ here.


Donnie Buchanan
September 1, 2017 at 12.22 am

Awesome, as a report builder for Xero Partners in AU, I can say that some improvements to report navigation and saving are welcomed with open arms…………..put me on the list please. Advantage Line Accounting.

When will we see some movement toward a few issues such as ‘auto remove” of Notes with no balance?………. that would really automate things for the report producer…………………………I know there is a Xero community discussion on this, I have voted and will get all my customers to vote as well.

Also, what about auto-removing a client field it it is not completed under settings / report fields?………..that would be a cool option…….or offering fields with or without auto remove?

I have plenty of other ideas.

Michael Mori
September 1, 2017 at 2.30 pm

The experience just keeps getting better. These upgrades are most welcome and keep Xero at the forefront of accounting software. Can’t wait to see what is still to come.

Peter Harvey
September 1, 2017 at 2.34 pm

Hey Donnie – good to hear your feedback. We’ve (Reporting and Insights crew) been sitting with Partners in NZ and US recently – and about to do the same in Australia and the UK. There is a lot of similar feedback coming through. Right now we are working on some key new functionality – and then I want to circle back and start improving the Report Templates workflow based on all this feedback. If you are at XeroCon south – lets catch up – otherwise feel free to send me an email.

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