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How App Partners maximize ROI at Xerocon

Posted 3 years ago in Apps by Sid Maestre
Posted by Sid Maestre

Xerocons are always an amazing experience that emphasize the network effect of the Xero community. Our app partners play a crucial part in this community. With the first Xerocon of 2017 kicking off in Melbourne on the 13th of September, we’d like to share some tips for how our app partners can maximize ROI when sponsoring Xerocon.

Get Social

Let the community know you’ll be at Xerocon through your blog. Go beyond a simple announcement that you’ll be exhibiting. Provide tips on what to do while in town, give your predictions for what will be announced at Xerocon, be creative and think about what topics will spark sharing on social media. Use #xerocon to join the conversations happening before and during the event. Post fun photos showing off your team, the location, and community.  

VIP Treatment

What can your team do to make attendees feel like VIPs? Providing an exclusive offer to Accountant Partners at Xerocon elevates the experience. For example, you could enter them in a draw when they register on the spot and offer a bonus if they on-board X number of clients in the next two weeks. Level up your booth SWAG (stuff we all get). Sure pens and notebooks are useful, but branded t-shirts, water bottles and socks have attendees holding your brand long after the event. Don’t forget, everyone loves a treat – cupcakes, bowls of candy, etc can help draw people to you.

Better Together

You probably have some old marketing handouts in storage, but have you considered creating co-branded collateral? Increase your brand affinity by creating collateral that promotes the value and benefits of your App integration + Xero.

Think outside the booth

Take the opportunity to connect with fellow App Partners and forge new alliances. Learn what other apps do and help attendees with solutions beyond your own product. Seek out Xeros at the event and make connections with our sales, marketing, and executive teams. Look ways you can engage with these contacts outside the event too, for example, you could take top partners for a VIP dinner, to a sporting event, or setup one on one meetings with prospective partners. Ask if demo slots are offered and take advantage of attendee’s undivided attention. Hone your message for maximum impact.

See you at Xerocon!

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Heather Smith
August 28, 2017 at 5.01 pm

There are dozens of accountants and bookkeepers arriving the Monday night pre-xerocon.

This is a great opportunity to get in front of an intimate group of Xero enthusiasts.

I’m putting it out there – are there any solution providers interested in coordinating something – drinks + food + education, perhaps a tour, or picnic in the park, or hire a bus, or something fun?

We are talking about it here if you have any ideas:

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