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10 Best WorkflowMax Features for Xero Users

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“It’s a life saver. All you need is those two systems – WorkflowMax and Xero to run an effective agency.” – Mary Ellen Davy, Ellen&Ellen agency

Xero users are savvy, clever, and enthusiastic about other cloud-based products that could improve their business. WorkflowMax is a Xero-owned project management software, with a ton of useful features. If you’re a Xero user, you will find WorkflowMax offers increased value to your business.

Here are the top 10 features of WorkflowMax that Xero users will love:

1 – Powerful Financial Reporting

Xero users are nuts for data. You know that the only way to stay competitive is to understand your business inside out. With WorkflowMax, you can take your reporting game to a whole new level. Drill into your business, measure profitability by client or job type, view estimated hours for a project against actual hours worked, discover who hasn’t paid their bill this month … the list is endless. If the sample reports aren’t what you’re looking for, you can even create your own suite of custom reports!

2 – Seamlessly Push Workflowmax Invoices Into Xero

WorkflowMax offers a robust and customisable invoicing system, based around tasks and costs associated with particular jobs. Simply create these invoices in WorkflowMax and with the click of a button, push them into Xero. The invoice will have the same number across the two platforms, and all the tasks on the invoice will show in the same order. Then, once the job has been paid in Xero, it will be automatically signed off in WorkflowMax. It will also track your net profitability on the job so you can report on it.

3 – Purchase Orders Flow Between Both Systems

Raise your Purchase Orders against your jobs in Workflowmax and simply receipt your suppliers invoice to add these as job costs. Your supplier invoices are then pushed into Xero ready for payment. Easy!

4 – Track Time Against Jobs and Understand Efficiency

If you’re a company who bills by time then you understand how vital accurate timesheets can be. With WorkflowMax your staff can track their time using six different methods, and attach that time directly to each task within a job. You can assign a certain number of hours to each job, so you can easily see when a job is going over.

But that’s not all:

You can pull this information through WorkflowMax to populate your invoices, run reports to track employee performance, understand workflow and efficiency and export timesheets to one of the many Payroll applications that integrate with WorkflowMax and Xero.

5 – Unique Custom fields

Custom fields are one of the coolest features in WorkflowMax! Store unique information against jobs, clients, leads or suppliers. Then you’ll have a powerful, customised database at your fingertips and be able to report on that data.

6 – Work from Anywhere with WorkflowMax for mobile

We know Xero users are truly global. That’s why you’ll love WorkflowMax’s mobile platform and the flexibility it offers. Manage your jobs, stay on top of your daily to-dos, see all jobs assigned to you at a glance, and access client information easily.

7 – Create and Send Beautiful Quotes

With WorkflowMax, quoting has never been so easy. You can set up job templates (broken down into lists of tasks) for the different types of jobs you do. Then you can choose which template to use for your quote. Add your branding and logo, and send a quote off to the client in minutes. And, what’s even cooler, is when your client accepts the quote, you can click a button and transform the quote into a job. You can work through your entire business process without once having to double-enter information.

8 – Collaborate with your team and clients

Xero users love to collaborate on projects and add value to clients by enabling them access to their data. The collaboration features in WorkflowMax are a huge drawcard.

You can store all email correspondence against your jobs and even give contractors, clients, and staff their own login details, so they can keep track of where jobs are in the pipeline.

And, by combining WorkflowMax with one of the cool document management apps like Box, Dropbox or Google Drive, you can store huge documents like image and CAD files, and make notes to other staff members on required amendments.

9 – Update and Sync Clients & Suppliers

Client and supplier details are stored on each system. Depending on how you use Xero and WorkflowMax, when setting up the integration you can choose whether to pull client/supplier details from WorkflowMax into Xero. If your WorkflowMax contacts are the most up-to-date, this can be an excellent tool for ensuring consistency across platforms.

10 – Use Add-Ons to Create a Total Business Solution

WorkflowMax has its own suite of world-leading add-ons, many from companies Xero users will be familiar with. You can incorporate document management, payroll, support ticketing, CRM, and more to truly tailor WorkflowMax to your business’ own unique needs.

About WorkflowMax

WorkflowMax is celebrating its 10 year anniversary and having surpassed 10,000 customers around the world. Find out more about how our project management solution can change your life by touring the WorkflowMax features or starting your free trial today.

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